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About her


About Poledancerka 


The Poledancerka brand produces dance apparel that can be used for all kinds of dynamic activity or daily movement, such as dancing, swimming, jogging, and yoga… The inventors of Poledancerka are always creating new collections of bodysuits, leggings, topsshorts… But the hallmark of the brand is the most famous and sexy knee pads currently available on the market. The Poledancerka brand will continue to add many different products to its line in the future.



The main characteristics of Poledancerka’s sporty, sensual, luxury apparel are its awesome and useful designs and sexy bum cuts. It’s a quirky mix of different modern materials that merge comfortably with the user’s body and conjure up an almost haute couture glamour.




The creators of the Poledancerka brand devote their time to making clothes that fit well, but which also look cute, and so they invest plenty of care into making top designs with functionality. All this is reflected in its amazing, comfortable and adorable collections, which are multifunctional, stylish and budget-friendly. For example, you can change your bodysuit, top and shorts into an appropriate swimsuit…



Poledancerka’s apparel is created with passion for a passionate life led by confident women all over the world.




Poledancerka clothes are perfect for allowing your body to move freely while at the same time, they remain fashion-forward and glamorous. Every product that we sell is tested on professional pole dancers as well as us, because we don’t believe in selling anything we wouldn’t be delighted to purchase ourselves.




We want you to feel comfortable, confident and inspired – and freely express who you are.

Poledancerka is the answer to the needs of the new woman, who loves her dynamic style, but who is also feminine, self-confident, loves beauty and whose priority is quality over quantity. Poledancerka is a brand that expresses elegance and boldness, dynamism and difference. It doesn’t bow to the rules, but paves the way for the unknown – focusing on sensuality and freedom.

Poledancerka Backstage


This business started in a small studio/office in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, in Europe, promoting itself as a small family business. You are buying from a brand that makes its products with heart and soul, a brand that channels its positive energy and creativity into your core. We’re committed to using high quality materials and are striving for precision in manufacturing and cuts.




Poledancerka’s Stars


Since the launch of Poledancerka in December 2015, the stars have favoured  the brand and we’re thankful to everyone that has been a part of our journey. Our products have been promoted across the world’s most respectable pole expos and events, such as the Las Vegas for Pole Expo, The Art of Pole Dance, Croatia Pole Camp… And many products are already used by several distinctive and successful pole dancers, such as Marion Crampe and Maddie Sparkle, Sergia Louise Anderson, Phoenix Kazree, Amy Hazel as well as thousands of other wonderful pole dancers.






 “I fell in love a couple of months ago with the perfect black Poledancerka kneepads. Beyond being so useful, they are extremely feminine and are like jewellery for the knees – the perfect size to offer good protection for your floor-work. They can also be worn on the pole due to the grip placed on the inside part.” (Marion Crampe)



“I don’t usually use knee pads, but lately I love this pair that were given to me as a gift from Poledancerka. With open backs, a small strip of faux leather for tack and padding that is sexy instead of bulky, they are perfect and I love them.”  (Phoenix Kazree)



Any questions?

What is a Poledancerka Woman like?

 Glowing confidence is what makes a Poledancerka woman truly beautiful. She loves the skin she is in – even if she has some extra pounds or legs with imperfections.

She supports other women, cheers them up and inspires them. Most of the time, she is positive and free of judgement. Focusing consistently on the pleasurable side of life enables her to fully enjoy the moment. Poledancerka is a woman who is aware of her feminine powers and dares to use it regularly.

That’s why a Poledancerka woman is not afraid of life. She stays centred and shows up! She keeps pushing herself forward! She savours the moment and handles challenges with style – even if the situation requires her to be a fighter, it doesn’t kill off her femininity. She can be sensual, strong and dynamic with style.

She has the courage to do and be many things. Because it’s fun. She is all about quality, not quantity – so she prefers fewer clothes in her wardrobe and to have those special, elegant, creative, beautiful and slightly crazy pieces instead.

She accepts the dynamism of life, so she knows it’s natural that one moment you’re up and the next you’re down. But she knows how to protect herself and  keep going with her own personal style.

A Poledancerka woman is passionate, sensual, dynamic, present, creative, playful, daring, wild, loving, authentic and glamorous/stylish.


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