Brand Poledancerka launched at the big event: The Art of Pole Dance

You gotta start somewhere.

Even if you’re not totally ready.

You’ll never be quite ready…

This became Her motto in November 2015!

So if an opportunity comes knocking at your door, don’t think too much (or at all) – just grab it with both hands (of course, if you’re already a pole dancer, then you have even more power girl! And if you’re not a pole dancer, maybe this is the chance for you to grab it!)

And if an international pole dancing event comes to your town, that’s no coincidence – it’s The Opportunity you can only dream of.

I’m speaking about The Art of Pole Dance 2015 in Poledancerka’s home town of Ljubljana in the beautiful and romantic setting that is Slovenia.

This year was already the 4th The Art of Pole Dance event, organized for the second time in a row by the dancing studio, Mademoiselle.

November 21st 2015 was the day that will go down in the history of the Poledancerka brand as the date when the international pole dancing community became acquainted with the new stylish brand Poledancerka. The Art of Pole Dance was the first time Poledancerka went public.

This was the day on which Poledancerka had the privilege to hang out in the company of the best; the company of internationally recognized pole dancing stars such as: Marion Crampe from France, Dimitry Politov from Russia, Nikolina Jurišić from Croatia, Tina Perko from Slovenia and many more.

It’s also the same day that Poledancerka equipped the organizers: when the Mademoiselle team took care of the poles on stage with its brand new product – elegant and stylish knee pads.

And the day when Poledancerka participated in the event as one of the sponsors.

Poledancerka was more than pleased for the chance to be part of the community and for such a warm and positive acceptance from pole dancers.

Let me share here a short story and brag a little :). The next day at Marion Crampe’s workshop, Feel the Floor, Poledancerka appeared, fully equipped with her adorable knee pads. There, she met the winner of The Art of Pole Dance contest, Ana Čudič, who instantly fell in love with Poledancerka’s knee pads. The same happened with Marion Crampe. And so, they both became proud users of Poledancerka’s stylish knee pads.

So The Art of Pole Dance was a night full of adrenalin, aesthetics and sex appeal and Poledancerka was part of it. Yeeeey!

There’s no better feeling than satisfaction after jumping into the unknown and succeeding.

She was definitely not sorry for pushing Herself a bit over the edge.

But She knows: this is only the beginning. The beginning of the road full of style and boldness, when She will enjoy life, have fun, be fashionable, feel fit and empowered.

Join Poledancerka!

And share your experience with Her and her tribe:

Tell us your anecdote about pushing yourself over the edge and the beauty that followed.

Or tell us what are the biggest obstacles that prevent you from stepping out of your comfort zone.

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