Which pole dance style excites you the most?

Ok, you wanna start with pole dancing and you’re already confused. A couple of years ago, very few people even knew what pole dancing was. And those who did, were mostly nightclub visitors who enjoyed watching sexy strippers on the poles. So what’s the reality nowadays?

Type the key words ‘pole dance’ into Google and you get different pole dancing styles, such as Pole Burn, Pole Chair Dance, Go Go Belly Pole Fusion, Booty Pole, Exotic Pole, Stretching Pole, Latin Pole, Spinning Pole, Artistic Pole, Sensual Pole… Whoa whoa whoa: what the bleep is goin’ on here? Is there suddenly an ocean of choice, like we get when we’re in a Louis Vuitton shop and deciding which bag we prefer? Well… breathe and relax, because the fun is just about to begin. No reason to panic, everything will be under control for you in a minute.

All you need to ask yourself now is this: how technical do you wanna be or are you a Poledancerka that wants more emotion in your pole dance?

So we’re talking about the basics: is it sport, art or just plain sexy? I know you… still wanna know more, right? Ok, let’s try it your way then.

Here is the main classification of Poledancerka’s way:

POLE FITNESS/SPORT – we are talking about sweating and toning up your body with raw elements on the pole. It’s basically the most technical workout with the pole as you can get it. For this, you don’t need your Louboutins (at least not at the start). You also don’t need to turn into Jennifer Lopez or Miley Cyrus to enjoy this type of pole dance. But you’ll learn many tricky elements (graduating from the simple to the more complex that develops with your progress) on the pole and still get a beautiful and strong body. In other words, pole fitness/sport is all about pure sport and acrobatics, gently spiced up with dance movements that serve as the glue that helps to create the whole fluid routine.

ARTISTIC POLE – with this type of pole dancing you have the chance to express yourself more. But your inspiration doesn’t have to be your boyfriend or Demi Moore in the movie Striptease. You can think outside the box: maybe you wanna express your feeling of loneliness after moving to a big city; the chaos you find yourself in during the rush hour of another crazy day; or you’re the satisfaction you get when you finish college … You name it, there are infinite possibilities. By training on the artistic pole, you are turning into a performer who is telling the story. You will still learn a high level of skill and technique on the pole. You might wanna check out Marion Crampe (btw: she is a fan of Poledancerka’s knee pads) as her pole dancing style is the best representation artistic pole. Oh, and if you want, you can use your Louboutins (or not).

EXOTIC POLE – ok, you can finally put your sex appeal out there. And finally Louboutins (or some specialized pole dancing shoes) can contribute to the juiciness of your hot moves. The high heels are identified with this pole dancing style. There is also a lot of additional floor work involved. And there is choreography. But don’t mix up this type of pole dance with Erotic Pole …we assure you that your clothes will stay on you all the time.

POLE CHAIR DANCE – here you are going to find yourself in a specific siutation  – you’re gonna be dealing with two elements that you’re using in your choreography: pole and the chair. Wow, this sounds like fun (or not. Depends on you.) Heels are also up to you. But this style of pole dance also falls into the category of sexy dance. So you can express your charisma while playing with the chair, creating elements on the chair and moving it with you around the pole in combination with technical elements.

SENSUAL POLE – the emphasis of this type of pole workout is on feeling your inner self. Some pole dancing studios are really trying their best to awaken your senses by doing it with faded lighting and candles. Sensual pole can also be done without mirrors in the studio. And choreography? Who cares. You just awaken your emotions and dance as free as a bird, girl. You even get to choose the music that best resonates with you (sometimes). Also heels are an option if you feel like it. You get the picture: the more you immerse yourself into your soul, the bigger star you’ll become in sensual pole.

The rest is up to creative expression that is the domain of each studio.

But still, Poledancerka likes to believe that there are as many pole dance variations as there are pole dancers.

Now back to you:

What do you think – do you agree? Which type of pole dance is your favourite?

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