Pole dance is not for him, it’s for her

…but if the stars are favorable, he can also get lucky (those rare and precious moments we all live for :))…

Before we gaze deeply into the hot topic, let’s make one thing clear first:

She didn’t start pole dancing because she wanted to be sexy for you, guys. She did it for her.

Still, most of the boys/men/partners will be rubbing their handsand thinking: ‘I can hardly wait for the surprise she is preparing for me,’ as a nice, happy cloud floats above their heads and they visualiseher in sexy Victoria’s Secret lingerie, seducing him on the pole.

There will even be a small number of those with a worried or mad cloud thinking: ‘WTF?! What is she thinking?! Is she crazy?! What will our friends say if they find out?! OMG, I can’t believe I have such a perverse girlfriend/wife!’

No matter how weird it seems, most of the time, she started pole dancing for herself, because:

  • It gives her time to be with herself, with her deepest feminine feelings.
  • It helps her to stay fit while having fun.
  • And on top of that – the cherry on the cake – she learns the skills needed to satisfy her man as a self-confident, hot babe (of course, only if he is gentle, kind and considerate will he deserve this – just kidding… well kind of joking…).


I want to say that pole dancing can be the fuel to a passionate fire for the couple too, if she wants that. And I guarantee you (men), you’ll know when she’s trying to seduce you with pole dancing (not just showing you her new tricks). It’s a promise.

(Sexy pole dance for your partner can be really hot when you descend on your knees while twisting around the pole. So don’t forget to protect your knees in style with Poledancerka knee pads.)


Pole dancing is a highly emotional practice (from different points of views). Those of you who regularly practise pole dance know that it can easily become an obsession born out of passion.

Pole dance is to all of us Poledancerka’s elixir for our sensual, inspirational, beautiful, strong souls. While our counterparts see it as a bunch of women/menspinning around a pole in their underwear. And in the worst case scenario, pole dance can dividea couple or even destroy a relationship.

Yes, in most cases after the excitement of the first few months/years, there comes a reality check. Then the cloud above your boyfriend’s head turns into: ‘Oh no, pole dance again – give me a break. I don’t want to hear anything anymore about the tricks, moves and performances’.


In the end it’s all about the energy the performer brings. Rare are the timeswhen pole dancers pour in sexual energy. Those moments are mostly reserved for private moments. Some of Poledancerka’s partners just might get lucky. Then it will be better than you can imagine.

Look ladies, before you get frantic, I know it’s a ‘warm buns’ topic and each of you has your own point of view, but please do share with the community and help us sharpen the picture.

We are curious – how did you boyfriend, partner or husband react when you showed him your pole dancing plans?

Do you ever pole dance for him? Do tell us more…

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