To tell or not to tell your family and friends that you pole dance?

Pole dance is definitely one sport that you probably won’t blab excitedly about to your friends and family: “OMG, you know that I just started pole dancing. And I’m totally in love. I even think I’m addicted to it.”

A little weird for sure… Or maybe not for you. (But then I guess you’re not likely to be a typical pole dancing customer :).)

So it takes a hell of a lot of pre-research and opinion testing. Information gained has given Poledancerka an insight into the situation she is dealing with and the grounds on which Poledancerka prepares herself for the day (hopefully in the very near future) to be able to break this hot and flashy news to her significant others.

Even though this is an unpleasant fact of life for the pole dancer, you’ve got to admit that it also adds charm to the whole thing. This fact makes pole dancing exclusively your thing (and your partner’s – in case you already ‘handled’ him :).

It is how it is – like it or not: The nature of pole dance somehow demands that people be open-minded in order to accept it. The more conservative the people you are dealing with, the harder it is for them to accept something that smells so strongly connected with sexuality. (Even though we all know it’s not what it’s all about.)

But my dears, just as Poledancerka expects her loved ones or the wider public to accept pole dance, she must also accept that others are the way they are: some very open-minded and accepting, others conservative and rejecting.

So this brings us to one smart conclusion: if you’re not ready to accept and cope with the drama caused by those who look upon pole dance unfavorably, then it’s for the best that this stays your little secret (don’t worry, we all have them and it should stay this way).

While some relatives may be willing to swallow this, outsiders can cause a greater problem– what will our neighbor Greg say, or perhaps Peter, our colleague at work – and not to mention our conservative friend Margaret – we can all imagine the look on her face when she hears about it.

So if you’re dealing with the toughest scenario, here’s a quick simple idea that can help:

  • It might be a good thing to show your folks some of the performances in the You tube videos that have no trace of sex appeal or exotic teasing, butonly demonstrate the athletic and artistic side of the pole.
  • Or you can tell them that you have a project that involves taking pole dancing classes. And later you can tell them that you didn’t even imagine that it could besuch good exercise, helping you to build strength and shaping your body, or even helping you to lose some weight and build self-confidence.

Maybe you’re one of the lucky Poledancerkas who is mostly surrounded by open-minded people so that you’re totally surprised reading these lines: “Really, there are people who don’t approve of pole dancing??? But how come, when it’s no biggy!!!” Well, what can I say: “Lucky you!” We all hope the day will come when pole dancing will be accepted like ballet, swimming or even yoga. We must admit, the trend is definitely moving in this direction, so we have reasons to be positive (I like that, because Poledancerka likes to look at things on the bright side of the life).

It takes courage to be Poledancerka! And the pole dance community definitely is one of the bravest.

So keep doing what you love in your life and don’t fall to your knees (in case you do, don’t forget to arm yourself properly with Poledancerka’s knee pads :)), just because others are being negative or judgmental. Be who you are and live your life the way you love it.

Tell us:

Are you a lucky Poledancerka who was able to share your little secret with relatives, or is your secret still safe with you (and is gonna stay that way for a little while)? How did you break the news to your close ones and what was their reaction?

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