Pole dance dress code

C’mon, I know that you really want to know whether you need to show your naked legs and belly while pole dancing. After all, for most of the performances you’ve seen (and loved), the dancer was dressed in booty shorts and a sports bra. That’s scary shit.

Even though you’ve actually started to play with the idea of pole dancing, it’s the dress code issue that’s still bothering you – because you’re not ready to see yourself with hardly any clothes on (yet).

Well, there is a tangible reason why pole dance fashion has moved in such a minimalist direction. It’s because skin is the best material to ensure a reliable grip. And when you’re suspended upside down, believe me, that’s all you’re gonna care about. You won’t give a damn about the extra fat or cellulite you have and wanna hide.

But there is consolation in the spicy pole dress code story– luckily, you don’t have to come to your first class in your shortest shorts and bra. It’s important to start building self-confidence about your body and take baby steps. After all, at the end of the day, you do want to persist with your new exercise routine!

So your dress code at the beginning of a pole dance class will consist of: comfy leggings or shorts, and a workout top or t-shirt. Footwear can include socks, or you can go barefoot.

For your advanced pole dance classes you will become more self-confident and fit, so you will have no problem wearingtight shorts and top. For footwear, you will perhaps even include high heels.

Nowadays, pole fashion has upgraded to an amazing extent, so if you’re a Poledancerka fashionista – girl, we have some treats for you! Who would care about your extra grams, when you’re dress code is so chic.

What is your favorite outfit to practice in at most of your classes? Any particular brands (like Poledancerka :)) that you adore? Have you ever had any problems in classes when you wore something that caused you problems?



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