Getting to know yourself with pole dance

’Dance is the hidden language of the soul’ – Martha Graham.

Has it ever happened to you? That you thought you knew who you were – then you found yourself in some new and difficult position, and realised that you didn’t have the right picture at all?

The pole challenge

Well, try pole dance and you’ll definitely meet your deepest, darkest, most subtle and charming self. And what’s more, you’ll get the chance to evolve and flourish into the most beautiful, confident, strong and persistent person.

Why exactly can pole dance help you with that?

On first glance, it seems that pole dancing can offer you some physical benefits, such as strengthening and toning your body. Great. But when you look a bit deeper, you will also realize that pole dance also helps you to acquire grace and sensuality. Even better, but…

The best benefit of pole dance, while learning a new routine, is challenging yourself through acrobatic tricks, getting out of your comfort zone, and pushing yourself up to the next level. This is a true treasure that increases your mental and psychological strength.

But wait, there’s more…

Pole dance caters to multiple aspects of the human psyche. It increases the ‘feel good’ chemicals in our brain, which is a natural way of improving our mood and overcoming our negative emotions.

Discipline, perseverance and consistency will make you a winner

Pole dance is a discipline that requires persistence. If you are one of the lucky ones, who used to get everything you wanted straight away, you will find a whole new world opening up for you with pole dance. It may drive you mad or get you down at the beginning. But if you overcome your (especially mental) resistance, you’re a winner. Everything you’re going to undertake will be a piece of cake.

Express your feelings the right way

Pole dance also allows you or provokes you to express yourself through sensual movement to music you love. Depending on the mood, you can dance out any emotion: whether joy, sadness or anger. Since pole dance is a type of exercise that quickly ignites your spark and passion, it’s also great motivation to dig deeper into your own feelings and face them. Having a deeper understanding of your own feelings, thoughts, behavior and motivation has many benefits for living a more successful life.

See your beautiful self in the mirror and totally fall in love with it

It’s often really scary to see yourself in the mirror. And on top of it – standing there almost naked, wearing only tight shorts and a bra (ok, and maybe also Poledancerka’s sexy knee pads) reflecting all your imperfections. But don’t you think it could be a hell of a release if you find peace with yourself and love every imperfection you see. Or even better – if you could even eliminate some of the imperfections (meaning some of the extra weight that doesn’t serve you :) ).

Well, it’s totally do-able my dear Poledancerka. You just have to start moving around the pole. But I must warn you, you might get surprised finding out what you’re capable of. So go surprise yourself.

‘Be yourself; everyone is already taken’ – Oscar Wilde.


Do you have some interesting experiences to share from your personal journey that led you into an honest confrontation with yourself so that now you truly own the way you feel and the way you behave?


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