You can never tell if the baby sitter is a pole dancer

Our pole dancing community is truly amazing – people of all ages and sizes dancing together, connected by a passion for pole… I’ve met so many wonderful people, each with a different story and something to share.

Once I took my child to the babysitter, and when we got there, I glanced surprisingly at the pole in her living room. She jumped quickly explaining: “It’s a great and challenging workout that has nothing to do with striptease, exotic dancing and underground strip clubs. You really need a lot of strength to heave yourself up the pole and go upside down. And you also get lots of confidence from it.” Needless to say she turned bright red; I started laughing and told her I pole dance too. Then all of a sudden, there was a sense of relief and a connection between us. To my surprise, she didn’t want me to pay for babysitting, so I gave her a lovely Opera bodysuit and Poledancerka knee pads  from my Poledancerka collection. Yay! It is so nice to find another pole sister :).

I find it amazing that you can tell if a girl pole dances just by looking at her in everyday life. Until… they do it. Their glowing confidence is what makes them truly beautiful. They love the skin they are in – and everyone can notice it.

Pole dance is not just about fitness and tricks, it is so much deeper.

What I really love about pole dancing is seeing a talented, kind, generous, creative and loving pole community. We support each other, cheer for each other, feel each other’s pain and we always have each other’s ‘backs’, both in class and out. Support from the pole community was recently seen at its best at the Croatia Pole Camp.There were around 600 participants (mostly girls) and there was no negativity or judgement.

I’m truly grateful for being surrounded by people who understand and get my pole passion. You all inspire me!

What is your opinion on the pole dance community? Share below!

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