Wear kneepads, but stay stylish

One of my favourite things about pole is the dynamic of movement. One moment you’re up in the air and the next you’re down on the floor. This is so exciting, but also requires control and caution if you don’t wanna go home from class with black or blue knees after doing all those drops, floor-work and knee pivots.

As a pole dancer, I can assure you that there is a far more comfortable way to take care of yourself and your knees – with quality knee pads. Investing in these stylish and affordable items is definitely worth it (you can thank me later :) ). They will save you from bruising and pain while adding a touch of cuteness to your personal style.

Kneepads come in a variety of styles and are made from many different materials. So, how to choose the right kneepads?

Normal kneepads available at sporting goods stores are usually the cheapest. We all know the kind – one side is elastic, and the other is the pad. These kneepads don’t prevent slipping, are far from cute, they rarely match our outfits and can get in the way of pole moves. No point in buying something you’re not going to be happy with and have to return.

Mighty Grip kneepads are similarly designed to normal ones, but they have grip strips added at the back, allowing you to transition easily from floor to pole. The front is padded to protect your knees and soft enough to be able to slide around with ease. They also have grip panels behind the knee and open pits which allow you to grip the pole without slipping. They are much more expensive than the normal variety and you can find them a little bulky and unstylish.

Poledancerka kneepads can heat up your look and protect your knees without feeling bulky or thick. These knee pads stay in place during floor work and dancing – and they don’t slide. They are designed with an exposed back portion to allow for knee hangs, and a sticky section to grip the pole. Despite a minimalistic look, the thin pads will not get thinner and flattened, even after long and intensive use. These knee pads are affordable while the materials are comfortable, top quality and effective.

Most pole dancers don’t wear knee pads, because they look unattractive and feel too crude. Yet luckily, sometimes products are made to fill a gap in the market. A good design will help you look and feel great, as it has done with many famous pole dancers.

Poledancerka knee pads  are already used by Marion Crampe, Amy Hazel (she even performed in them at Miss Pole Dance Australia), Phoenix Kazree (she also already performed in them), Maddie Sparkle, Sergia Louise Anderson and other amazing pole dancers.

A pair of cute knee pads  will spice up your look and keep your knees safe. And don’t forget – good technique saves your knees as well ;)

What kneepads do you prefer? Why?

Do you use them at all? Why?


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