Is looking good at the pole class important?

For me, wearing chic pole wear is not about what others think when they see me dancing. It’s about how the pole dance clothes make me feel about myself. And I firmly believe that when you look good, you feel good – and that’s important when you’re pole dancing. It helps you feel comfortable, confident and inspired.

A new pole dancer doesn’t need to show ‘too much’ straight away. Don’t worry you can keep your butt completely covered at the beginning. But trust me, sooner or later, most of the girls wanna enjoy their sexy stylish brazilian shorts. You really do use the skin on your thighs to grip the pole so wearing longer shorts, tights or leggings can soon become frustrating. Grip is everything in pole! Wearing a tight-fitting top to do your pole work is preferable, because it keeps your breasts in place – even when you’re upside down. But on the other hand, it’s important that your dancing apparel (especially bodysuits) allows you some extra skin exposure on your ribs, around the shoulders, under your arms, abdominal area, as well as on your back to help with some positions. Fear not….as your confidence grows on the pole, you’ll want to wear something a bit cuter. Basically, this means awesome designs, flashy colours, prints and sexy bum cuts. Yay!

But just because it’s cute, it doesn’t mean it’s right for the pole class. Pick something cute and functional too ;). To get you looking great on the pole, I’ve made an amazing, comfortable and adorable collection that is functional, stylish and budget friendly. You do not want to spend much time and money on pole clothes that don’t last and don’t offer the coverage or support needed. Poledancerka clothes are perfect for allowing your body to move freely while also looking fashion-forward. Every product that we sell is tested on professional pole dancers as well as myself, because I don’t sell anything I wouldn’t be delighted to purchase myself.

“Yes, this is what I feel comfy in and expresses who I am – and that’s all I strive for!”


How important is looking good at the pole class for you?

What do you strive for when it comes to looking good?

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