Dust off your pole dance wardrobe and get ready for a new season

Remember that feeling of a fresh new start…With summer slowly waving goodbye, there are still pleasant things to look forward to…

Time to get in touch with your sexy, confident side again. There’s always so much excitement for the new pole season and all it has to offer.

You can never have too much pole dance in your life. But we all know that starting everything at once can be tough. You need to manage school, work, pole dance, friends, and any other activities you might have.

And you’re not going to pick up exactly where you left off. Your muscle memory is all probably still there, but your flexibility and conditioning will need a little time. Work towards it but don’t force it. You need time to catch up to where you were last season, and for your body to remember its way around the pole. You’ll love it.

Remember that – you will progress again!

To make a transition smoother, do something to make you feel that this is a new season – one with new challenges, new memories and new goals. Clean out your pole dance bag, get the Forte – Piano ‘eyes-on-me’ pole dance top , hot Brazilian shorts or maybe the  Powder Opera Bodysuit all by Poledancerka. And be proud of what you have already achieved.

P.S. Let us know – which is your favourite pole dance studio? What type of pole dance do you go for? What is your favourite piece of pole clothing that you can’t live without?

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