Long live the pink

Poledancerka made an impact this October with a contribution to Breast Cancer Awareness Month. October kicked off with our baby pink sensual tops and shorts, that proved to be so popular with the girls that wore them proudly at this year’s Croatia Pole Camp in Pula. Among the girls, even knee pads in pink or baby pink were more desirable this year (since mostly all the girls already had black, which were still good as new – a reflection of the quality of Poledancerka’s knee pads).

It was really important for Poledancerka to share our support and help raise awareness of the fight against cancer – especially as pole dance can help women who practice it connect with themselves and find their most comfortable flow of being and, without shame, freely express who they are, their sensuality and other emotions.

Croatia Pole Camp again, confirmed that our brand Poldancerka definitely helps women to love the skin they’re in and glow with confidence in an apparel that fits them well and looks cute. But the biggest pole camp in Europe was also magical, because the group of approximately 500 girls that return to this event are extremely positive and judgement-free. So it’s really nice to meet old friends again.

Numerous participants also enjoyed many workshops (even a special surprise – a free workshop held by the much cherished and popular pole dancer and instructor Marion Crampe), competitions and performances. This year we saw for the first time Pole Art of Croatia, in which the Slovenian competitor Tjaša Dobravec performed. Tjaša Dobravec, who wore a custom made bodysuit by Poledancerka, achieved 2nd place.

Other contestants and instructors also wore Poledancerka apparel and knee pads – such as Nikolina Nekić (Sportvizija Pole Dance Studio), Sonia La Sognatrice Silveri… while Daria Chebotova didn’t wear knee pads until she came across Poledancerka’s knee pads, which she totally loves.

So girls, I invite you to join me and our pole dancer’s tribe to focus together on the pleasurable side of life and be fearless! Let’s stay centred and show up in life! Let’s savour the moments and handle challenges with style!


Tell me your comments below:

What’s your definition of the pleasurable side of life?

Were there any challenges recently in your life that you conquered bravely?


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