Second successful year for Poledancerka

Now I get it… It’s December and the year will soon come to an end.

This is one reason why me and my team are drowning in a sea of different sized packages at the moment!

It’s time for presents :)

And Marion Crampe once said that Poledancerka knee pads are like jewellery for the knees.

Obviously that kind of ‘jewellery’ is not time sensitive since it’s ‘gift-able’ throughout the whole year. But old Santa has become a modern giver or at least he loves to include something modern and with quality in his presents. Specially if his presents contribute to the beautiful and pleasurable side of life.

The second reason for Poledancerka team’s ‘dance’ around the bundle of goodies (if you could see us, you’d definitely be giggling… but you can still imagine us…) is the second successful year of our activities.

Yeey, we are so happy and grateful that we were all able to glow and shine during our challenges in 2017. We are forever honoured to have your trust (be it as a user of Poledancerka’s apparel or as a reader of our blog) and to have you as part of our tribe.

The journey of 2017 was really an enjoyable one, though it was not always easy (like life). We worked hard and we partied hard. We were at the center of the biggest pole event in the world – Pole Expo in Las Vegas, USA, and at the biggest pole event in Europe – Croatia Pole Camp. But in November, our blog was even selected as one of the Top 75 Pole Dance Blogs on the web, and won 20th place. Woo hoo…

The year 2017 was also marked by a few extra playful and creative highlights. We launched some very special limited editions of our apparel. It turned out to be a good idea, because you obviously totally loved Poledancerka’s baby pink collection. It was just extra proof of how much you like our fun and upbeat products. But it was also a special honor to develop and then launch this December a special edition in cooperation with Marion Crampe – Marion for Poledancerka Limited edition knee pads. Extra shiny and glowing, they are even more obvious as knee jewellery.

So, in the year 2018 let’s all keep staying centred, creative, playful and show up for life!

If it’s any use, I’m sharing with you some advice that helps me stay motivated: if it gets hard, put on your favourite lipstick and wear sensual clothes.

Have as much fun as you can in 2018! All the best!


Before you dive into 2018, tell me what are your wishes/desires/resolutions for the New Year? (If you haven’t thought them through, now is a good chance, because it’s always important to know where you’re heading.)

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