Poledancerka blog part of the world’s crème de la crème

You know that feeling when you feel kind of invisible in a crowd of people… Where no-one is paying attention to you. It seems like everyone is busy with their thing…

And then suddenly it happens…

Is seems like the world has stopped. As if everyone is holding their breath. You can almost hear the silence that occurs…

In an instant, you are kind of pulled out of your thoughts and thrown into reality. You take a look at what the hell is going on…

Than you notice HER. Like you’re watching a slow motion movie. She is taking up a space, filling it with her glamorous style and energy.

I know what you’re thinking. I bet you wanna be in HER shoes.

And let me reveal to you a secret – you can be!

I’m speaking from my own experience.

Well, for Poledancerka, last year was really the most successful so far.

We are so proud to have become part of the world’s crème de la crème among pole dance blogs. And not only being in such a good company, but even winning 20th place among 75 pole dance world’s blogs.

Getting recognition like that is a true honour and commitment for the future. We’ll continue to serve you with style and inspire you with positive and interesting news about pole dancing and seductive pole dance apparel.

Our desire is to help you become HER – YOU!

Just put on your sensual clothes and reach out!

So remember: first you have to dream, kick yourself into action and then… you get to experience and live your dreams. So simple and available.


Do you have your own experience with seeing HER coming into the room? Feel free to share all the juicy details: who was she, where and when it happened, what was she doing, how did she look…?

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