Her and his red Valentine’s dreams

Yesterday I did an experiment with my man. I reminded him about Valentine’s Day, which is coming soon, and asked him what would be his dream celebration for the day. And he didn’t even need a second to think as he shot back: ‘your performance on the pole, especially for me, which you can continue in our bedroom…’ (take into account that he knows I practise pole dance and is very supportive… but if I think again, I guess that wouldn’t matter for most men.)

‘Oh, my God’ I thought, ‘you men are so predictable’. I guess if I asked any other man, I bet the answer would be boringly similar.

But what can we do? There’s a reason behind the saying ‘men are from Mars and women are from Venus’.

And no matter how much effort we pole dancers put into creating the perception that pole dance has nothing to do with sexuality (because it hasn’t), what can be wrong in fulfilling your supportive man’s dreams once in a while?

Let him be lucky and experience that he has a pole dancer for a girl and prepare for him a special dance – a Valentine’s dance. It can still be classy, artistic, sporty and sensual.

But if his dreams are fulfilled, why wouldn’t yours be too?

And believe it or not, I also didn’t need a second to identify and share my dreams with him… but those will stay our little secret…

In case you need an idea for your Valentine’s Day, you can just show you boyfriend a pair of nice red Poledancerka knee pads that can spice up your everyday style in the dance hall – as well as spice up the performance you might be preparing for him. The colour red will also give you additional power and sensuality that will help you become more self-confident.

P.S. If you’d like you can participate in our informal experiment and share your Valentine’s Day dreams or celebration, please add your comments below.

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