Pole dancers, congratulations! You are now officially sportswomen

If you were one of those pole dancers who was ashamed to tell your relatives and friends that you don’t actually go to fitness or zumba when you said you had a workout, well now it’s time to break the truth to them. The chances are that your nearest and dearest have seen the latest news on TV, the radio or internet– pole dance has officially joined other so – called proper sports disciplines.

No more excuses. No more doubts. No more hiding. It’s out in the open. And it’s official. Something you knew long ago, has now become public knowledge.

Better late than never.

Also we, at Poledancerka, are soooo excited that our pole dance apparel finally serves real professional sport. Though for us, respect for the sport stays the same, for others it provides a totally different perception.

Most of the credit for that has to go to the persistent and dedicated Katie Coates, president of the international pole sports federation (IPSF), who has been working on her mission for 11 years.


Can you imagine? At the end of 2017 she finally made it, and the Global Association of International Sports Federation (GAISF) has confirmed that pole dancing is now classed as a professional sport.

One goal has been reached – with the energy of all of you/us who love this discipline and practise it.

But new visionary objectives have already been set. Katie Coates is now focused on an additional goal – making pole dancing a part of the Olympic Games.

And I think it’s totally reachable since we poledancers have one important shared characteristic – a positive attitude which helps us to make the impossible possible!


P.S. What does this victory mean for you – that pole dancing is now officially and internationally recognised as a proper sport? Do you have any of your own anecdotes that show how pole dance has helped you to make something impossible possible?

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