What vibes turn you on the pole is nothing but personal. And unlimited.

Let me first warn you: don’t take it too personally, though it is personal.

What the bleep am I talking about? I’m talking pole dance of course… And music… Music for pole dancing to.

Exposing your music taste to the public says a lot about you. Similar to expressing your personal fashion style. And you should always be proud of your music and fashion taste, presenting it with confidence. Don’t ever apologize for who you are.

No need to mention that it says even more about you when you expose your body to certain beats and sounds. Especially if you’re on the pole. Pure joy.

But things can be even more complicated or simple (depends on your point of view). Your taste can be affected by various factors. For example, it depends on how you feel at certain moments. And context also plays an essential role.

It’s definitely important and amazing to know that you can practise pole dancing to all kinds of music styles, artists and songs – as long as you know what you like and customize it to your character.

The music style you wanna pole dance to will also vary according to the pole dance style that you practise, what mood you’re in or what kind of performance you have in mind.

If you choose classical music, then the performance will appear more classy and elegant. If you want to express more of your wild side, then metal, rock, rap, R&B or even hip hop will do the job. Yes, you read it correctly! Of course pop music is the most common music genre. But a more energetic performance can be fuelled by disco or dance music. If you’re more of an artistic, creative and dreamy person, then you will love contemporary, unusual, experimental or jazzy music.

Whatever you’re going to choose, it will appear even stronger and more interesting if you emphasize it with the right pole dance apparel style.

In case you have doubts about giving an outstanding pole dance performance to metal, rap, classical music or to any other music style, then check this out:

P.S. What are your favourite songs to pole to?

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