It’s not about the decor of the pole dance studio

We as a pole dance community have obviously done a lot. (But still not everything yet, so let’s not rest on our laurels.)

Chances are that almost everywhere on earth, there’s a pole dance studio in your city or even in your neighborhood.

And who would’ve thought that the continuation of this initial dream story creates the problem – but it does.

As there might be quite a few pole dance studios around, we bet you can’t decide which to choose from.

At first glance, you’d be convinced that it’s all in the ambience, decor on the walls and interior design. Of course it helps to attract dancers, because it definitely communicates with the visitors.

But then when we think again, or delve deeper, we can all recall an industrial hall or simple basement space that has a really good vibe.

So it definitely can’t be about how the place is decorated, the equipment or what music they play. It must be something more than that.

At pole dance studios, it’s definitely very important what technique they teach (if it’s exotic, sporty…). Because technique is the first important criterion.

But usually in the end, it all boils down to the energy that prevails in the studio. It starts with the owner and filters down to the instructors, who are usually all on the same wave length. And it continues to spread to the students, especially since pole dancers are really a community, a family in its own right.

So if those elements are in place, then it’s more likely that you’re going to stick around. Maybe make some friends and it will definitely motivate you to get more and more involved in your pole dancing.

Besides all that, we must mention one more important thing – the level of professionalism among the instructors. They must be great mentors, have excellent skills and knowledge, and know how to behave respectfully with clients. As an instructor, it’s one thing to be a great pole dancer, but what if she/he doesn’t have the charm and energy to inspire students to learn those skills as well? It’s a must that the instructor knows a thing or two about psychology. She/he should be empathic and able to sense the mood of the students when they come to a class, how to motivate them, how to lift their energy, how to make them feel good about themselves, how to awaken their sensual side….

A pole dance studio gets its soul with all the essential stuff we’ve mentioned! And that makes it special and different from other studios. Pole dancers then feel like home – relaxed, confident (a good outfit helps, too J) and open to new challenges.


What are the main characteristics that you find important when choosing a pole dance studio? What makes you stay? What makes it worth coming back to a certain pole dance studio? Please, share it below!

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