Be strong, even when life brings you to your knees

Let’s face it – sometimes life brings you down to your knees.

Of course I mean when you’re doing pole dancing or yoga, or any other type of workout  or body warm-up.

So when your delicate knees are about to get in contact with the rough floor, you will want to insert an intermediary in between, because your knees are everything and you have to protect them! I’m talking about a perfect mediator – knee pads – which can save you so much inconvenience. (You’re welcome.)

I know you (because I was the same until I hurt my knee badly). I bet you are rolling your eyes now, because you like to be stylish even when you do your workout – so you don’t even want to think of wearing those boring medical looking knee pads.

But it’s not what you think. There are sexy Poledancerka knee pads on the market nowadays. And those are a game changer – because they give you functionality and style at the same time.

Poledancerka knee pads can be especially helpful for beginners in pole dancing, because those who haven’t mastered the art of pole dancing yet will have a hard time controlling their bodies with their core. Hitting the ground in an uncontrolled way can be pretty painful and may lead to long-term injuries. In addition, the skin on the knees may become hard and calloused.

The same also goes for any other exercise, such as yoga, stretching, warm-up exercises or floor work.

These are the sexiest knee pads on the market and can also be used as a trendy fashion accessory to your lifestyle: they are available in various designs, fashionable colours, and prints. With Polednacerka knee pads, you can incorporate safety into your look without compromising elegance or sensuality. The back portion of Poledancerka knee pads, which are made out of high-quality vegan-friendly leather, is open and ensures a good grip by allowing the skin to stick to the pole without slipping.

Summer is coming! Don’t let the bruising on your knees spoil your summer style.

Put on your Poledancerka kneepadsstay safe, and the rest will follow.


What’s your experience? What kind of exercise on your knees do you find more painful and difficult to perform? If you already use knee pads, for what kind of exercise do you find them extremely useful?

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