It really matters who made you your pole dance outfit

It’s summertime and many of you are enjoying the seaside, so it’s a great time to dive into some deep thinking.

While it’s necessary to think about and take great care of ourselves, it’s also important that we think of others and do our very best to help each other – because life isn’t just all sun and fun for everyone. But it should be. Everyone should have the right to live a decent life.

Dear pole dance enthusiasts, have you ever asked yourself, where do all those lovely outfits that you are wearing during your pole class, come from? Who is the person that makes them? Is that person happy while making your clothes?

I’m sure that you are very well aware of how dirty and unfair the textile industry can be. Many people are working in unbearable conditions and their salaries are pure misery … It really makes me sad. That’s why I’ve decided to open up this topic and show you the behind the scenes manufacture of Poledancerka products.

As you know, I am passionate about everything pole dance and when we started our small family business in Slovenia, Europe, I made a commitment that our products would be made with lots of love and positive vibrations. But that cannot be achieved in bad working conditions, right?

I don’t want to use people who are cooperating in the manufacturing process. Instead, I want to provide them with positive and supportive working conditions and give them fair pay for their work. I can say out loud that women making Poledancerka dresses and knee pads come to work with a smile on their faces, they feel like family and just love working with each other.

I’m not exaggerating, but this good vibration can really be felt in our dresses and knee pads. Maybe you don’t know, but the manufacture of knee pads is a complicated process that requires a skilled and extremely precise dressmaker. If the knee pad isn’t made with precision, it won’t last long, I assure you that.

I don’t want to sound like I’m boasting, but I’m really proud of our team that is doing its best every single moment to give you, the pole dance tribe, only the best products for your pole dance activities.

Now I’ve revealed to you the secret of our high quality and super cool knee pads, as well as other pole dance outfits – it’s all about happy people. I’m so proud that we haven’t lost our primary passion and vision, and that we stayed true to ourselves and to our mission. Especially since it’s a rare thing in business nowadays.

Next time you put on your glamorous knee pads, you can rest assured … the product you are wearing was made in a fair and positive working environment.

By wearing Poledancerka products, you are actively contributing to a better world, without treating other people unfairly.

It’s a pretty good feeling, right? :)

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