Don’t expose unwanted body parts when flipping upside down at pole

I can’t deny it − it truly matters to me, what I wear at the pole dance class. I don’t know about you, but I’m a demanding customer, since I don’t want to sacrifice aesthetics for comfort and functionality.

I want to feel especially safe and secure that all the parts that need to stay hidden, stay there. I mean who wants to wear pole dance apparel that isn’t reliable? It’s more common than you think. How can you focus on the pole dance elements if you’re always scared that the most delicate body parts can fall out and be exposed to the world? …

When it comes to choosing the right pole dance apparel, I’ve seen a lot of mistakes, especially with beginners. It happens very often that girls think that a bathing suit is just as good as a dress that was designed for the pole dance. Very soon they realize how wrong they are. A bathing suit usually doesn’t fit our body well enough and it stretches too much. As a result, it can happen that unwanted body parts pop out from under the bra. While we can wear our pole dance apparel as a bathing suit, the opposite unfortunately just doesn’t work.

What if you could avoid making similar mistakes when choosing the best pole dance apparel for you − that would be awesome, right? That’s why I’m sharing some tips on how to choose the pole dance dress that would suit you best and expose only those body parts that need to be exposed. Believe me, I’m talking from my own experiences with using and also designing pole dance clothes and accessories.

It is important that pole dance apparel is just as tight as it should be. Both shorts and tops should be cut properly and thus completely comfortable to wear. Girls with bigger breasts should be a little bit more careful when choosing the right top for them. There are also some differences between the apparel made for different styles of pole dance.

If it still happens that unwanted body part pop out when you are just flipping upside down or doing some serious splits, don’t worry. We are all human. And to calm you down − those things happen also to professionals, believe me.


P.S. Still not sure, what kind of clothes to choose for your pole dance class? Share your questions and dilemmas in the comments below. Perhaps you might even have an anecdote yourself? Make us laugh and tell us.

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