My story

It all started with a serious knee injury at a hen party

I will always remember my hen party – but not in the way that most of you will yours. Mine ended with a broken knee. Wait… it’s not what you might be thinking. It really was a case of bad luck in totally normal circumstances. I fell directly on my knee and the worst happened.

I fractured my patella and surgery was unavoidable. It took me almost a year to recover from this bad injury. Two years after surgery, I became a mother and felt the urge to get myself in better shape. One of my friends had just started teaching pole dance and I joined her. This workout required a lot of floor work, and some of those moves were really painful for my knee. So I asked my friend how could I help myself and protect my knees. She suggested I wear knee pads that were normally used by volleyball players.

The idea was great, but just the look of those knee pads was unattractive! At that time I was restarting another old hobby − sewing. Since I really like aesthetic and beautiful things, I decided to made myself prettier knee pads.

A few years later, one of my colleagues from pole dance class became a pole dance teacher. Many girls at her class had problems with their knees so she asked me to make those pretty knee pads for them too – and so I created the first four knee pads for somebody else.

Sometime later, an owner of one of the pole dance studios asked me to make 20 knee pads and also mentioned how cool it would be if those kneed pads could have a grip. I got to work and made an upgraded version of my original knee pads. During that time, I also tried other pole dance styles and realized that knee pads were simply a must-have!

Suddenly, I became aware that I could offer my knee pads to almost every pole dance studio. I immediately searched for some local dressmakers and started with a bigger production of 100 knee pad pieces.

I also wanted to know what professional pole dancers thought about my product, so I sent a sample of my knee pads to Maddie Sparkle, who I had met at Croatia pole camp. I only expected her opinion on my knee pads, but she actually published a video on Instagram, where she really praised my knee pads. So a big thank you, Maddie Sparkle!

I published photos of the knee pads on my Facebook and Instagram profile. When other girls saw those knee pads, they wanted to have them. I started to get my first real orders and wholesale enquiries. From that point, it all went in the right direction.

I had an opportunity to collaborate with many professional pole dancers, such as Marion Crampe and Maddie Sparkle, Sergia Louise Anderson, Phoenix Kazree, Amy Hazel, Daria Chebotova, Kira Noire, Anamarija Nyman, Anastasia Skukhtorova… And I am really so grateful for the great feedback. I was the first one who offered knee pads that were designed especially for pole dance. Our knee pads are thin and also have a grip. The pad insert doesn’t wrinkle. Besides that, my knee pads are very elegant. When I started making them, I immediately copyrighted my design and model.

Along with the knee pads, also came the idea of matching pole dance clothes. As a pole dancer, I know what are the most important characteristics of a good and really comfortable pole dance outfit. We have just started a brand new chapter and did a serious upgrade of our knee pads − removable pad inserts. But there’s a lot more to come, as we are constantly getting new ideas. ;)

Now, I would like to finish with a little pep talk: When I started with a sensual pole dance, I was 35. I didn’t have a dancing background and I also wasn’t very flexible. Yet, I made progress at my own pace. This year I turned 40 and I still lack flexibility, but I have definitely gained a lot of strength and am super proud that I can do some elements that I never thought I would be able to do. So, it’s all about never giving up. Don’t you ever forget that, ok? :)

I can say that my story also serves as an example in practice – how we can turn our weaknesses into our strengths, or even into a successful business.

Do you have your own story, how you turned your weaknesses into strengths? Please feel free to share it in the comments below.


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