Let’s talk about male pole dancing

No, pole dancing is not only reserved for girls. That’s really miles away from the truth – which is why I think it’s time to debunk the myth.

I have talked with many people who have seen male performances on the pole and they would all give very emotional comments – something along these lines: “Wow, It was sooo masculine… such male power on show. I didn’t imagine that men could do such an astonishing performance on the pole. It’s definitely obvious that pole is not just for women.”

So I guess it’s no surprise that many men who try to pole dance get hooked instantly. They soon realize that pole dance is not just about sensuality and feminine energy, not at all. More and more men that try it are amazed by how challenging and addictive this activity can be. It soon becomes obvious to them that pole dance is a type of exercise not unlike cross fit or weight lifting.

On the other hand, since pole dancing is also a great opportunity to express an artistic side, some men also love to use pole as an expression of art.

So nowadays, there are quite a lot of professional male pole dancers out there who achieve amazing results, proving that pole dance is a serious sport. I want to present you just a couple of male pole athletes. I am pretty sure that their performances will blow your mind away. They really are fantastic and it is truly breathtaking in how many different ways they express themselves through pole dance. Before I start, just a little disclaimer: there are many more elite male pole athletes worldwide – just because I have picked these guys, it doesn’t mean that others are less skilled or have achieved less than others. Not at all.

Dimitry Politov

Dimitry Politov is known for his unique artistic performance that includes a lot of mind – blowing acrobatic moves and other very challenging figures and flips. He started pole dancing back in 2012 and has achieved a lot since then. He really has a unique style of performing – check it out here.

Miha Černe (crni pole)

Since I am Slovenian, I have to mention a very talented pole dancer named Miha Černe (you can find him on Instagram as crnipole). This young man tried pole dance a year and a half ago, and was hooked instantly. I really do think that a very bright future is in front of him. Check out one of his amazing performances.

Photo: Matic Klanšek

Coco Ke Hong  & Mario Turco

In my opinion, Coco Ke Hong and Mario Turco have a really unique artistic style of pole dancing. They also dance in high heels and are soooo good that many girls can learn from them. They both express strength and flexibility, but they do it with so much grace. That combination really leaves me speechless. Girls, you really should check them out.



Even though it requires enormous physical strength, male pole dancing is still not widely known, but it’s developing – and I am very happy about that! At this point, I want to say that it’s time to put aside all prejudices and finally accept pole dance, male and female, as a serious sport that, like any other, requires a lot of training, persistence and commitment.


And now it’s your turn: What are your thoughts about male pole dancing? Yes or no (and why)? Leave them in the comments down below.



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