What kind of food to choose before you head to pole-dancing class?

I’m sure you’re aware how important it is to fuel your body properly. Especially if you are moving your body regularly. And I’m sure you’re a lot like me – you don’t want any stress around your meals, but wanna keep it simple and tasty (similar to our moto for our pole dance clothing style is).

Perhaps you find it a bit tricky how to handle it before your pole dance classes, since you know you’ll be probably spending quite sometime up-side down. So I guess you still want to stay relaxed around food and avoid the unpleasant feeling in your stomach – I think we’ve all been there, so we all know what I’m talking about.

It is important to give your body the right nutrients at the right time. Yep, the timing of your pre-workout meal counts.You don’t want to feel bloated during your workout … or feel like your stomach is full and heavy like a rock. That’s why you should get your last (proper) meal before your pole dancing session around 2-3 hours before. This meal should contain all the macronutrients: carbs, proteins and some fat. Choose foods that do good to your body. You know your body best and should be aware of what kind of food gives you energy and what kind of food only drains you. If you ask me, I would go for whole grain pasta or rice, some kind of protein, or any other plant-based protein source and some high-quality fat.

But if you decide to eat sooner before the workout, for example, an hour before your training, then I suggest keeping it as simple and light as possible. Foods you choose before your pole dancing session should be healthy and easy to digest. My favourite choices would be yoghurt and fruit, a smoothie or a protein bar – since I don’t like to complicate things.

As you know, warming-up before pole dancing class can be pretty intense, and the training itself can also be a challenge. There’s a lot of elements when you turn upside down on the pole and that’s why it is so important that all your focus is on your physical activity not on digesting your last meal (luckily with Poledancerka clothes you also don’t have to worry  about exposing unwanted body parts in this position).  It’s really unpleasant to feel any stomach discomfort. A workout should be the time you take for yourself, helping you to do something good for your mind and body. But if you have that annoying feeling in your stomach, and you can’t focus, then you don’t have enough energy and your workout just isn’t what it should be.

When it comes to nutrition, it’s vital to listen to your body (similar like you trust yourself when you have to choose the right pole dancing outfit).  You should ask yourself, what kind of food gives you energy and is easy to digest at the same time. I would recommend you choosing whole foods, avoiding junk and at the same time keeping it simple. Don’t stress too much over your food. Nourish your body and enjoy every single bite so that you can do your best on the pole afterwards.


What is your favourite pre-workout meal? I would love to hear your suggestions in the comments down below.


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