Pole dance instructor that rocks

Were you ever wondering what makes a good teacher/mentor/instructor? I’ve been in the pole dance field for quite some time, and if I hadn’t had a really great pole dance instructors, probably I wouldn’t have fallen in love with this sport so much as I did. Pole dance literally turned my life upside down. What was once (just) a sports activity, is now my business. I’m not a pole dance instructor, but I’m creating products that make pole dancers’ lives easier (check my kneepads and other pole dance apparel). But today’s topic is not about my business, it’s about what makes someone a really good pole dance instructor. It’s an important topic, because it’s critical for our success and progress at pole dancing.


A great instructor really knows what he/she’s doing

One of the main characteristics of a great pole dance instructor is definitely his/her qualifications. It’s a great advantage that a person has at least a couple of years of experiences in this field before he/she decides to actually teach. A couple of months of pole dancing isn’t enough! But it’s also not enough that someone is a really good and successful pole dancer – that doesn’t automatically make him/her a good pole dance instructor.

All the students that attend a pole dancing class should have a feeling that they are in good hands. A great instructor must really know what he/she is doing, because only in that way he/she can give suitable instructions and lead the students. A good instructor should be full of useful advice and little tricks that help students to safely perform the elements and evolve on the pole.


A great pole dance instructor is a successful leader and motivator

A great pole dance instructor is a skilled observer and knows his/her students, so is very well aware of their possible limitations, fears, frustrations. Skilled instructor is able to help students to overcome their limitations and reawaken the spark in them so that they find even more fun on the pole again.

But it also often occurs that people want to give up too quickly and at that moment an attentive instructor should jump in and give students a kick and motivate them to go out of their comfort zone. Because as we all know, out for the comfort zone is where the real magic happens.

The instructor should be aware that things take time − some people grasp new elements fast, others need more time. The instructor should be patient and persistent. He/she should motivate and encourage all the students. At the same time, the instructor should also be realistic and should know where to stop. Some elements in pole dancing are quite demanding and require lots and lots of practice. Some students will be able to do those elements eventually, but others won’t. And that’s totally ok.


A good instructor has a feeling for people

People are different. Some come to the pole dance studio just to have fun, others want to socialize, third want to excel in pole dance. And the instructor should accept all the motives and create a supportive environment for all the students.



And now I want to hear your thoughts: What in your opinion makes a good pole dance instructor? Can you maybe share your own experiences?


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