Poledancing when on my period?

Dear Ladies, come closer, gather around, let’s put our heads together. Today’s topic is only ours. So, no men allowed today. :) We are going to talk about a very sensitive topic – a period/that time of the month/Aunt Flow’s visit… Whatever you want to call it.

Many women are a bit worried whether to take a pole dance class or not when flow comes to town. It’s completely normal to get a bit concerned.

Though this advice may sound a bit well-worn, it is just so important that every woman listens to her body and its messages. If you feel ok during your period, then it should be no problem to take a pole dance class. But if you really don’t feel like doing anything, then take a rest or do things that you just feel you wanna do. Simple as that. I cannot stress enough that a woman should learn to respect her body and its needs. This is also part of being a real sensual woman. And we should be all proud of it!

So every woman experiences a period in her own way: some women have really strong bleeding, others are bloated, a third group experiences extreme tiredness or mood swings. But some women (the lucky ones) go through that time of the month like any other ‘ordinary’ day.

There’s no doubt that pole dance is a challenging sports activity. It requires quite a lot of strength – there are also some elements when you have to be turned upside down etc. Those girls who decide to take a pole dance class also during their period have lots of concerns: “What if my pads/tampon/menstrual cup won’t stay in place? What can I do if I’m bloated?” When I take a poledance class during my period, I normally use a hygienic pad/sanitary towel and everything is ok. Lots of women also recommend double protection, for example, a tampon/menstrual cup and a hygienic pad/sanitary towel. It’s totally up to you, whatever option really meets your needs.

There are also lots of concerns regarding the poledance outfit during a period. It’s really not necessary to hide your body or be ashamed of it during your period. Regarding the outfit, I would recommend my pull up, pull down shorts or even better, diamond shorts, that are breathable and extremely comfortable. Those shorts will give you all the comfort you need during that time of the month. And they might also give you a confidence boost – since there’s hardly any woman I know who wouldn’t want to feel EXTRA sexy and completely comfortable in her own skin during a period.

I think that we women should really embrace our femininity and respect our bodies during all the cycles. We should support each other and create a loving and supporting environment − even at our poledance class. We should openly speak about our periods (and our bodies in general) and share some advice with other ladies. After all, that’s what womanhood is all about.



What about you? Do you take a poledance class during your period? What kind of protection works for you? What about the outfit? I would be so happy if you could share your advice in the comments section below.


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