What to pack in your pole dance gym bag?

If you take a look at the content of a typical woman’s handbag, what would you find in it? Everything. Yes, literally everything. But why? Because we don’t want any life situation to surprise us. Ever. Our (hand)bags are always huge so that we can put in them everything we need (and to be honest, also things we don’t actually need). But when we want to find something particular in that huge bag, a problem occurs. We start digging and digging, but cannot find the item we’re searching for.

Then we almost lose our minds … We find every single thing we don’t need – except the desired item. It’s quite frustrating. Can you feel me ladies?

And the same thing goes for our gym bag. In a bag for a pole dance class, we would normally expect knee pads, a topshorts, hand towel, deodorant, pole grip, hair ties, water bottle (you should avoid plastic bottles and go for reusable water bottle that is environmentally friendly and fit-for-purpose so that they can be used again and again), shower gel and finally aloe vera that is the perfect remedy for pole kisses. If you take an exotic pole dance class, you also need your special pole shoes. For some pole dance studios, you might also need your own mat.

But to be honest, my pole dance bag was always full of all kinds of things, especially those that weren’t needed for the class at all. I really struggled with all that mess: I couldn’t find my top, my shorts or my knee pads. It was chaotic. It also happened that I actually forgot to take something really essential. And I decided it was time to do something about it.

Then I got a brilliant idea: »I’m gonna create a really chic little bag that will be used especially for pole dance equipment (knee padssets). «I knew exactly what I wanted to create: a bag that was just the right size, into which you can place everything you need. Its main purpose? To keep your things in order − the bag is actually big enough that you can never put in anything excessive. So, from now on, you really have no excuse if you have a mess in your pole dance bag. :)


Now it’s your turn: tell me, what are the essential things in your pole dance bag? How do you keep your pole dance bag organized? Please leave your comments in the section down below.


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