I’m expecting. Can I still do my pole dance routine?

In most cases pregnancy shouldn’t be the reason to give up something you love. What about pole dance when you’re expecting? In my opinion, every woman should accept that her body is changing daily during pregnancy. When she is expecting, she doesn’t only need to take care of herself, but also her unborn baby. Being active during pregnancy is very important, but not all the forms of exercise are suitable for all women. Speaking from experience, women really need to learn how to slow down. You won’t miss out on anything, believe me.

Pole dance is an activity that requires a lot of strength in the abdominal area and that can be dangerous during pregnancy. As I’m not an expert in the field of physical exercise (I’m sticking to the things I really know – my knee pads and other pole dance apparel, of course), I decided to look for someone who could give all the pole dance sisterhood some useful guidance and tips – especially for all of you who are expecting.


I asked for help from Andreja Gulič, a personal trainer who, in my opinion, is one of the most determined and devoted people I know. Her professional mission is to help women to strengthen their bodies in all aspects and to empower them during all the phases of their lives – from pregnancy to old age. She is also a proud mom and knows exactly what she’s talking about.

Andreja Gulič


I’ve summed up some of her advice regarding pole dance during pregnancy. I hope you’ll find it useful.

– If a mom-to-be is healthy and has some experience with pole dance, she can then continue with her training till the end of the first trimester, but still she shouldn’t do exercises that put too much pressure on her belly. Andreja also doesn’t recommend turning yourself upside down or performing moves that include spinning, (over) stretching and splits.

– Pole dance is not recommended for those women who have gained a lot of weight in the first trimester or whose baby isn’t developing properly. Pole dance is also not advisable for women who have heart or lung problems, pelvic floor failure, have previously had an abortion, have vaginal bleeding, or high blood pressure etc. In all these cases, a woman should stop pole dance immediately.

– Andreja also doesn’t recommend any kind of ‘hanging’ exercises, where arms are stretched above the head, as too much pressure is put on the abdomen. These kinds of exercise increase the risk of diastasis recti (ab separation).


But when can I start with pole dance after delivery?

Andreja suggests that it’s safe to start with pole dance training 8 – 10 months after delivery. She really encourages women to give their bodies a chance to recover naturally after childbirth. Our body is very intelligent and needs a sufficient amount of time for all the internal organs to recover.

In the postpartum period, women should take care of their bodies by themselves. The personal trainer recommends all types of exercise that help to strengthen the pelvic floor, while proper movement throughout the day helps to maintain a natural spinal curve and prevent back pain. Deep breathing from the belly is also recommended. If necessary, a woman should consult a physiotherapist.

I also have a piece of (fashion) advice for all the ladies who will continue with pole dance during pregnancy: I think that it’s important to wear a comfortable and super stylish outfit when pole dancing. And that’s even more important for all moms-to-be. For those of you in this position. I would recommend soft shorts that don’t compress the stomach too much. I would go for pull up-pull down shorts or slim warm-up pants (fold-over).


Dear ladies, do you have any additional question regarding pole dance and pregnancy? As for all the pole dance mommies, I would also be happy to hear your experiences. Don’t be shy, leave a comment down below.


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