Poledancerka’s inclusive skin fashion celebrates beauty in all skin colors (shades and ages)

The times where there was only one beauty norm are so over. It’s not about those stereotypical beauty standards that praise only white young females with perfect bodies anymore.

Today we find it hard to identify with something that doesn’t seem real to us. We are all fed up with perfect, but fake images. We want to see more real people. And we also want to feel heard, accepted and understood. So it’s really important that we, as consumers, feel that we’re included in the whole process and that brands show they really understand us.

It’s about time to break down all the past gender or racial barriers that were once set as beauty standards. Race is just a social concept − we learn it as we grow up. It’s so sad that throughout history, skin color was too often the cause of disagreement, conflict and war.

Now it’s even more essential- and encouraging- that the fashion industry and the arts are going beyond those (past) standards. We are able to see some pioneering fashion brands that are already entering the market with fresh approaches that can help transform and upgrade the industry. One of those new approaches is the use of fabrics that reflect various skin tones.

This ‘trend’ of inclusiveness is very important as it recognizes, celebrates and promotes diversity. Yet on the other hand, it accepts all skin colors as equally important and beautiful. Though each of us is unique and original, we are all part of one humanity, no matter our skin color. We have similar desires, similar dreams… We have many more similarities than differences.

I wanted that inclusiveness to also be reflected in our Poledancerka pole dance apparel collections. I’m putting a lot of emphasis on using fabrics in various skin tones when creating new pieces of the pole dance apparel. The use of these shades of color is also a statement to the world about what values I’m representing as an entrepreneur. I’m working hard to encourage uniqueness and equality at the same time. My main goal is that all the women who wear my pole dance apparel can feel comfortable and confident in their own skin.

It’s time for a shift. It’s not about our skin color, it’s all about who we are as people. In the end, all that really matters is what our contribution was to the whole of humankind. It’s not about how much money we had or what kind of car we drove … but rather what kind of person we were and how we treated others.


Tell me, what do you think – do you find the efforts of the fashion industry to strive for equality among people necessary? I would be delighted to hear your thoughts. Please leave them in the comments section down below.

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