Put aside all fears and show your body with confidence

Every single one of us (no exceptions) has some issues with body acceptance. We all think that our life would be way better if we were thinner, bigger, long-legged, smaller, if we had fuller lips, a smaller nose, a more defined body shape, different eyes, thicker hair, blond hair, brown hair, curly hair, straight hair… The list is endless.

All of the above is the reason that when girls start pole dancing, the majority of them come to class covered from head (well, neck) to toes (in leggings or a jogging suit). There’s nothing wrong with that, as the elements aren’t so demanding at the beginning and don’t require a special grip. Everybody needs time to relax and get comfortable with the pole dance studio, instructor and ‘classmates’. I’m very well aware of it – that’s why I also designed those cool leggings that will spice up your pole dance style and give you the comfort you need.

 When it’s time to show more skin

But when you’ll be making progress and start learning increasingly difficult elements that require more grip control, your pole dance instructor will encourage you to show more skin and wear shorts to pole dance classes.

Interestingly, the embarrassment isn’t related to the specific body shape of the girls– especially those who consider themselves to have the ‘imperfect body shape’. Girls who have ‘a perfect body’ regarding all the standards are in fact, also not as confident as we would expect. So talking from experience, all pole dancers face similar fears, no matter how their body looks. And they are all prone to hiding their bodies with clothes.

But progress on the pole is always gradual. You’re gonna start with simple movements and continue with more demanding elements. The main question at that point will be how to perform a certain element. The concern of body imperfection will slowly fade into the background. My advice is: just keep on practicing the element till you really master it! Place all your focus on it and eventually, you’ll completely forget about your appearance in the mirror. Be in the moment.

Believe me, years in pole dance will help you to change the perception of your body. And before you know it, you’ll become proud of what your body can do and all the unimportant flaws will be pushed aside. So, when you decide that it’s time to put on some shorts, choose those that make you feel good about yourself. Check out my store – I’m pretty sure that you’re gonna find some cool pieces.

Dear pole sisters, be proud of yourself, be proud of your body. Say thanks to it every single day. Appreciate it, nurture it, accept it. That’s what our body needs. And then go and spin yourself on the pole in those sexy shorts. :)


Tell me, did you show some more skin in the first class or did you go step-by-step? How did you feel when you first performed a pole dance in shorts? I would be really happy to hear your stories.

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