What a year it was!

2019 is slowly closing its doors– but 2020 is opening new ones! I hope the story of 2019 has added some nice memories to your ‘life’s memory collection’. And if you’re ambitious and driven like our team, then I guess this is the time when you’re already creating new plans for adventures in 2020.

For Poledancerka, 2019 was a pretty intense year, full of milestones. It’s hard to believe that Poledancerka has already been around for four years! Whoa, time really flies when you’re having fun, I guess! In these last four years, so many things have changed.

When we started our small business, almost by coincidence, (I’m sure you’ve heard our behind the scenes story), we were only offering knee pads, but in all that time the brand experienced a real evolution. Poledancerka is now (becoming) a synonym (I hope you would agree) for high-quality pole dance apparel that can easily be worn in other sports or just as a casual (but very trendy) outfit. We are constantly working on new designs and I can hint that you can expect some really cool new pieces in 2020 (wink, wink).

I don’t want to boast about our achievements, but 2019 was in fact a real success for us, as we were able to increase our income by 20% and expand our team. Obviously, we’re doing something right. But I’m not the kind of person who sits on her laurels. I’m always setting myself new goals. And one of them is definitely a collection made up of recycled materials. I was never into the fast fashion mentality and have always wanted Poledancerka to become a sustainable and high-quality brand that supports positive values.

Since November 2015, when the first post was published on Instagram, we have created a strong and connected community, which we are very proud of. And we were proven right on this year’s Black Friday when we experienced a real sales explosion. It was just insane how many orders we got! I’m beyond happy that all of you have accepted Poledancerka’s products so well. Happy and satisfied customers mean the world to us. For me, it’s all about the people and inclusiveness.

And our happiness is even bigger when other people on the planet are happy. So, I wish for all of you the opportunity to achieve your goals and to search for happiness in the right places. And I also want to thank you for supporting us and helping us co-create this experience on planet Earth to make our lives more joyful and revitalizing.

Stay true to yourself and don’t forget to make some really spectacular spins on the pole!

P.S. Since the festive season is just around the corner here are a few ideas you can use to spice up your girlfriend’s, wife’s, sister’s, friend’s, mom’s – or even your mood ;) .


See you in 2020!


Please, share with us your best memories or achievements from 2019, your goals or wishes and desires for 2020.

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