Jennifer Lopez’s pole choreographer for Hustlers loves Poledancerka’s style

A couple of years ago, when I was ‘saving’ my knees with my newly invented knee pads, I would never have thought that the best pole dancers in the world would ever be wearing my pole dance designs. And I still have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming. ?

And it’s sort of a ‘hot and sticky’ feeling to know that Poledancerka’s apparel has been kind of sneaking behind the Hustlers’ movie scenes. Ha, I know you might be thinking “I’m losing it”… Or you’re all ears to hear the dirty details…

Well, let me explain…


That was just another way of me telling you that Johanna Sapakie is one of our famous Poledancerka design lovers and is now a supporter and promotor. And this famous and talented pole dancer was credited for J.Lo’s amazing spins on the pole in Hustlers.

In case you didn’t know, Johanna was also the leading choreographer for the movie Hustlers, where Jennifer Lopez (in the leading role) was spinning on the pole like a pro. And Johanna was the one who taught her all those tricks and trained her while J.Lo was preparing for this demanding role.

Johanna is one of those amazing pole dancers that appreciates quality. But she’s also a pole dance teacher and a world-known choreographer. She’s such an inspiration. So I always love to collaborate with different pole dancers from all over the world and support them with clothes that make them feel good at training sessions.

Positive feedback from pole dance stars, like Johanna Sapakie, is our greatest compliment and proves that we are doing our job right. Johanna was able to notice that Poledancerka is not ordinary pole dance apparel and that there’s something more to it. She finds Poledancerka’s clothes extremely comfy, stylish, unique and special.


I am immensely proud that Johanna doesn’t wear our clothes only for training, but also for important public performances. She also rehearsed for the latest Super Bowl halftime show in one of our sets… where she wore our movement top powder/nude and movement high-low shorts. What can I say: our Poledancerka clothes are seen in all the trendy places. Just where they belong, hehe (sorry guys, but this isn’t the time for the Poledancerka brand to be modest, hehe).

So next time when you buy Poledancerka apparel, keep in mind that you are in the company of the best ? including famous pole dancers like Marion Crampe, Maddie Sparkle, Sergia Louise Anderson, Phoenix Kazree, Amy Hazel and many more…


Do you agree with Johanna about the great attributes of Poledancerka apparel? What do you like most about our clothes? Do you have any special wishes or suggestions on how can we make our pole dance apparel even better? Your opinion means a lot to me.

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