Persistence pays off

If anyone knows, then it’s us pole dancers who do – that strong, healthy persistence is important in all areas of our lives. As a pole dancer myself and owner of a small, growing business, I can confirm how important it is to persistently travel towards our goals in life – even if it’s only learning a new element on a pole or launching a new product on the market…

But almost nothing will happen overnight.


My small business also wasn’t built in a day. In fact, it took me a couple of years to reach the level where I could really see the results I wanted. And even now there are challenges all the time, they don’t throw me off balance. I’m very well aware that the path is rarely easy and smooth. As long as I enjoy what I’m doing – that means, creating the trendiest pole dance apparel and unique copyright protected knee pads – and have clear goals (one of them is to put a smile on the face of as many pole dancers as possible), nothing can stop me.

I’ve also been persistent in writing this blog for more than four years now. Yeeey ? . In all that time, I’ve really clarified in my head, what kind of information I have wanted to give to you – my dear readers. And obviously, my effort is really paying off, as my blog came 8th among 75 pole dance world blogs. Cheers… Wow, I’m really happy and proud. You (my dear pole dancers) are the reason I’m doing what I’m doing.


So, I want to stress again: keep on going. Never give up. Don’t let anyone take your dreams from you. Go in your own direction. But don’t forget that the goal itself is not that important – it’s essential that you enjoy the ride and remain flexible, yet ready to overcome any obstacles or take a detour, if necessary. And sooner or later, you’ll reach the desired destination.

Sometimes most of the people around you may doubt your decision and they won’t give you the support you expect. That shouldn’t be a reason to give up. Let all the doubts give you even more power to go your own way.

If you want to become a successful pole dancer (whatever that means to you), remember that only focus and persistence will lead to the desired level. Don’t give up if you’re struggling with some elements – you should know that also Rome wasn’t built in a day. Just keep on trying, train hard and motivate yourself in any way possible. And the results will come. Sooner or later. But they will, trust me. There will be plenty of bruises (but not on your knees, if you use super comfy knee pads ? but eventually, you’ll be able to do the element that was giving you so much frustration.

Some other (wise) advice: When you reach your goal (whatever that is), don’t forget to celebrate and to reward yourself (maybe it’s time for some trendy pole dance apparel and unique copyright protected knee pads… ;))! It’s an important part of the process, believe me.


Tell me, what area of your life requires the bulk of your energy? What do you struggle with the most when it comes to persistence – what blocks you in achieving your goals? I’ll be happy if you share your thoughts down below.

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