Pole dance superstar wearing Poledancerka apparel

If you’re following the world of pole dance,then you must have heard of Coco Ke Hong. Coco is definitely one of the most talented pole dancers in the world, known for his amazing talent, hard-working attitude and unique pole dance combinations. And what really amazed me, was that Coco doesn’t have a special dance background. Dedication and hard work took him to the point where he is now. And I must say, how much I admire such people.


How it all started

Coco contacted me, saying he wanted to sell my knee pads in China. (I probably don’t need to mention that the Poledancerka team felt really honored). We took it as a proof that our knee pads have unique value. This collaboration brought us great pleasure since Coco is the best pole dance athlete in China (and also in the world).

A little later, he also expressed the wish to wear our pole dance apparel. We were just blown away. Whaaaat? Can you imagine that?? The world-class champion wanted some of our pole dance apparel pieces in his own colors. We were so flattered, but at the same time, felt immense pressure. We wanted to meet his needs and expectations, and were really happy when he gave us positive feedback.


I know that you are getting more and more curious and want to know which models he chose to wear. Coco has chosen the movement set, set x, the re-connect set (top and bottoms ) and the asymmetric set.

Coco’s story is really a compliment for Poledancerka as he stressed out the quality of our products. It’s really funny, because in Europe, we think that the Chinese may value their own products more, but that’s not entirely true. They really appreciate products made in the EU and are prepared to even pay a bit more to get so-called »European quality«.

We’re so flattered that our effort has been recognized. Since the very beginning, I’ve been trying to create high-quality pole dance apparel, choose the best materials and be as creative as possible when designing new collections. It really makes me happy how the word about my products is spreading all around the world and that my little business is evolving.



Now I need some of your help. Please tell me, how did you discover our brand? It would mean a lot to me if you could take a moment and leave a comment below. 


P.S. I would also appreciate it if you could tell your friends and family about Poledancerka. ;)

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