5 tips on how to get the best grip on the pole

Having a good grip on the pole can literally save your life. And even your honor – enabling you to perform like a pro!

I guess you’ve been in pole dance for a while, so you know what I’m talking about… All those uncomfortable and frustrating slips. When you’re about to master the trick, but your body is just helplessly sliding in a direction that gravitation is ‘calling’ him.

But don’t worry – there are some useful tricks circulating in the pole dance community you need to get acquainted with.


  • Show some skin  :)

You gotta let some skin out of the dark. I know that a lot of women when starting with pole dance don’t feel very comfortable showing too much skin. But eventually, they realize that they cannot make any real pole dance moves if they wear baggy pants and a t-shirt. It’s actually a killer combination for pole dancing. Showing some skin is a must to get a good grip on the pole. If you’re not feeling very comfortable showing too much skin – please have in mind: we all feel insecure about our bodies. But you still probably agree that living a life shouldn’t be about worrying over some cellulite, stretch marks or loose skin. So, put on some sexy shorts and a trendy top, and start mastering your pole. And by doing pole dance in a confident style, you’ll even create a body you can become proud of.


I know that it can sound like a bad commercial, but honestly, I don’t care. I’m really proud of my knee pads as they are not just a fancy piece of jewellery, but also ensure a great grip on the pole. Because of the special sticky area, they make sure that you’re gonna feel stable and confident while doing some more challenging elements on the pole. More importantly, you’re also gonna save your knees (in style).


  • No lotion right before your pole dance class

Different moisturisers or lotions can prevent you having a solid grip on the pole. These creams make the pole slippery and you’re gonna get frustrated as you won’t be able to do any proper pole dance elements. If you want to get a good grip, don’t use lotion before your pole dance class.


  • Use some pole grip aids

There are a lot of different products on the market that enable a better grip on the pole. The truth is, you will have to figure out by yourself, which one works best for you. You can choose between sprays, gels, chalks, gloves, etc. Options on the market are (almost) endless.


  • Do some exercises for a better grip

If you want to improve on the pole, then it’s super important to do some exercises for a better (hand) grip. Hang on a pull-up bar, use some bands, or try squeezing balls (made especially for improving finger grip). I suggest you search for it and find exercises that suit you and your needs.


When you’ll be doing pole dance for a while, your grip will also improve. Products for better grip will also change when you become a more advanced pole dancer. Like everything in life, pole dance is also a kind of journey. But with strong focus and determination, things get easier. If you slip from time to time, don’t get frustrated! Just stay playful and enjoy the ride!



Tell me, what kind of products serve you best for a firmer grip on the pole? Do you do any specific exercise? I would really like to hear your thoughts and suggestions regarding this topic. Please, leave them in the comments down below.

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