How to find time for pole dancing during motherhood

If you any time recently became a mother, you can probably picture yourself when your child has just fallen asleep after a long day. In your exhaustion, memories of old times –when you were still carefree and with lots of spare time – crawl into your mind. You see yourself how you were, spinning on the pole and you remember that sense of happiness. You become nostalgic!


But I have good news for you: it’s not over. You can still have all of those pleasant moments when your soul will dance again! You know what – not only that you can, but you must! You deserve that. You owe it to yourself, your kid(s) and your partner. It’ll make you a better mom.


So now that we have things clear, it’s time to start finding ways for making time for yourself and putting it into practice.


  • First and foremost, you need to decide that you’re ready and willing to do that.
  • Second, find ways to better organize your life. Plan accordingly. Get some help (for household chores such as childcare) – maybe your parents, other members of your family or friends can help you. Simplify and don’t try to do everything perfectly.
  • Thirdly, introduce your hobby to your child. Pole can be really beneficial for kids, because it’s very suitable for a child’s physical development. It will help your kid become more physically agile and strong. Besides, kids love spinning and climbing on the pole.
  • And finally, use this time as much as you can, because it’s your time. Glamorize yourself, dress up nicely (I can help you with that :) ) and put all of your soul into it. Forget about the whole world (everything will wait), and dance like you’re the most attractive woman in the spotlight. Imagine how nice you will feel!


By continuing to practice our hobbies, we can be the best example to our children. Surely, we would all want them to keep their hobbies throughout their lives too. And when they will see you being more positive, optimistic, confident and happy after your trainings, they will want you to persist. Besides, they will also be happier, because in the end children are sponges and always mirror back the emotions of their parents! And also your partner will be proud and satisfied!



What do you say – are you ready? Still have any fears or second thoughts? Let me know. Or maybe you’re already practising and would like to share your experience (the obstacles you encountered and how you overcame them).

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