Let’s enter 2021 with some positive vibes

What a year it has been! Ughhhh … Sometimes I’ve had the feeling that I’ve been acting in some kind of a horror movie, seriously.

I could also compare 2020 with a tornado that, in a second, took from us the world we knew. This situation completely changed our perspective on our entire existence. But even though this year was hard for most of us, we still have many reasons to remain optimistic about the future. I know that it won’t always be easy, but I’m sure that after every rainfall comes a rainbow.

So, we’ll stay optimistic and step into 2021 with lots of positive vibes and courage!

If anyone should know that life is all about ups and downs, it’s us pole dancers. We can’t go just up, up, up … there’s no such thing. Even on the pole. We need obstacles, challenges and downs so that we can truly appreciate what we have when we’re at the top!


Do more of what makes you happy

Don’t stress over all the things that might not be so good, ok? Smile, dance, sing … do everything that makes you happy. Move your body in a way that feels good for you. Even though you perhaps can’t go to your pole dance studio, because of all the restrictions, it doesn’t matter! Nothing can stop you from dancing and being in a good mood. Just put on your favourite pole dance apparel and dance at home! Dance like nobody’s watching! Be goofy, forget about all the limitations in your head! Pole dance has no limits, right?

Remember how many obstacles you’ve already overcome during your pole dance journey. Remember all the bruises, all the failures … All those hurdles brought you to the point you’re at right now.

Now just take this way of thinking that you’ve created on the pole and bring it into your everyday life. You’ll see how all the lessons from the pole dance class can help you make the most magical New Year that’s just around the corner!


Poledancerka’s Team is wishing you all the best in 2021! We can do this!



Please, share your positive thoughts and wishes for the New Year in the comments down below and help us spread some good vibes for the year to come!

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