Don’t let the quarantine stop you from pole dancing

The whole quarantine situation is probably getting on your nerves as you can’t go to your favourite pole dance lessons.  Yet since our pole dancing community is recognizable by its strength and flexibility (what goes for our minds and bodies), this is the perfect time to remember that and even more importantly– to demonstrate it!


So I’ve prepared some useful tips on how to start pole dancing at home or how to stay in pole dance shape. If you’re interested, keep on reading.


Stay strong

If you want to stay in shape, I’d advise you to do some exercise regularly. You should pay special attention to your grip, wrists, posture, core and leg strength, but also balance and overall flexibility. Be consistent and never forget to have some fun!


Get yourself your very own pole

If you’re a bit more serious about pole dance, then the purchase of your own pole can be the next step. In that way, you’ll be able to train anytime you want. You could practice your moves and stay in (pole dance) shape, even during these challenging times.


A pole is quite a large investment, but if you’re really dedicated to pole dancing, then you definitely won’t regret it. When choosing the right pole for you, do some research and decide on the one that really suits you, even if the price is a little bit higher. Believe me, a low price can cost a lot at the end.


Maybe ask your pole dance instructor, which pole(s) she/he recommends or check out some reviews on the internet. And really pay special attention to safety. When buying a pole, I would also suggest getting a proper crash mat to avoid any unnecessary injuries.


Take care of a proper pole dance outfit

 Of course, you must take care of a proper (and trendy duh:) ) pole dance outfit. You’re gonna feel much more confident and also get a better grip on the pole. One of the must-have pieces for pole dancers is definitely knee pads. They help you to avoid unnecessary bruises and protect your knees. Just a little disclaimer: Our knee pads don’t slip, they don’t move around and they grip the pole easily.



And now, I want to hear from you: tell me, how are you doing during these challenging times? Do you train at home? What’s your at-home pole dance routine like? I’d be happy for you to share some of your secret tips and tricks with our pole dance community from all over the world.

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