Urgent: Severe violation of women’s human rights going on in the garment industry

Warning: what I’m gonna tell you today might shock you or make you feel unpleasant, angry or sad!

I understand that it is a difficult topic, but it’s the one we have to talk about – because it matters so much. And we owe it to our fellow ‘sisters’ around the world!


Severe violation of human rights in the garment industry

There are actually still countries in the world where human rights are violated in nearly every way. A couple of years ago the Human Rights Watch released a report that revealed the horror that is going on in garment and textile factories in certain countries. Women are an especially vulnerable group in the garment industry. They suffer abuse and severe labour rights violations, since they work in unbearable conditions. As the report says, women are often employed on contract or using the per-piece pay rate while there is no maternity leave and pregnant women are simply fired. Their salaries are also under the minimum wage. With employers often forcing them to work overtime, these women are not allowed to have a break. They frequently experience verbal abuse, cannot even use the toilet, nor have access to drinking water … the list could go on and on!

And in some countries the problem is even worse, since women are not even permitted to work if their husband prohibits them – so they stay completely dependent on men, who can become a kind of owner, treating them very badly or even violently, which is something we (the rest of the world) should not allow nor support!


WTF – fraudulent imitations produced by suppressed women for pole dancers who stand for the empowerment of women!?

It’s clear – women in the garment industry in some countries have no basic rights. It’s just insane that those kinds of things are still happening in the world now! And we are supporting this ‘culture’ (or lack of moral culture) if we buy these clothes produced under such conditions! So,it really is time to stop these inhumane and unethical practices.


I discovered this by coincidence when I found on the global digital market knee pads that turned out to be fraudulent imitations of our Poledancerka original knee pads. I was shocked when I realized that copies of our Poledancerka original knee pads are made in a country where women have no rights, produced for women in the pole dance community on the other side of the globe who are fighting precisely for the empowerment of women -women’s rights and freedom for women all over the world.

Is it just me or is it a paradox and irony that has to be suppressed right now?!


Enough torture for the women in the garment industry!

 I felt a strong need to bring this important topic to the table and to talk about it as much as possible. And I’m counting on your help, because that’s who we are – the pole dance community! This is what we stand for – FOR THE EQUALITY OF WOMEN/HUMAN RIGHTS! And it’s time to help our fellow women all around the world. Our vision is clear: we will not tolerate the torture of women anywhere in the world. ALL WOMEN EVERYWHERE ON EARTH MUST HAVE EQUAL HUMAN RIGHTS!


How do we stop it?

I want you to know that it really matters who you buy your clothes from. And it is not only about pole dance apparel, but also other clothes and items.

Pole dance is a sports discipline that empowers women, so it represents everything wrong with us if we buy (cheap) things that are made under inhumane conditions. When deciding on that kind of purchase, we support those (sick) values and enable those businesses to spread all over the world.

When buying any kind of garment, it’s vitally important to ask yourself: »Who made my clothes? « And I don’t want to sound too moralistic, but it is so crucial for us to not just look away, saying »It’s none of my business« or »There’s not much I can do about it«.


Poledancerka’s originals provide all standards for perfect knee protection and comfort

Our small business was established upon really high ethical values. As I wrote in one of my previous posts, I really give my all to the people I work with to make sure they get the best possible working conditions and a fair salary.

And besides that, Poledancerka has stood for originals from the very beginning! Based on our long tradition and rich experience, we can provide durable and quality knee pads and other pole dance clothing. We also know how important it is to be comfortable on the pole as well as all the little tricks and secrets (not visible on the outside, but felt on our body) to produce the items that ensure that.

Remember: Originals and fraudulent imitations may already look the same, but it’s all just a façade. In today’s information era, it’s necessary to always look behind the curtain to see the whole picture where there is no excuse.


I believe that the energy behind every single piece of clothing matters, don’t you? At the end of the day, it is totally up to you what kind of choices you are going to make and what kind of values you are going to support.


Did it also catch you by surprise as it did me when you learned all this? What are your thoughts on this topic? What’s your opinion? I would really like to hear from you – please share your opinions.

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