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Business is a lot like life – you always end up hanging out with like-minded people or business owners. They mostly always reflect similar values and vibes. And from the beginning of my journey, I really committed myself to the concept that Poledancerka would become a brand, based on positive energy, respect and high-quality products. So when I look back, I’m really proud of what we’ve achieved and how many great and matching business collaborations we’ve made.

I’m so pleased that through the years, we were able to create reliable and trustworthy relationships with other studios and businesses who wanted to become resellers of our products. When we started our small business, word about our high-quality knee pads and other pole dance apparel very soon started to spread by word of mouth.

And since Poledancerka likes it juicy, colorful and exciting – it’s how it all started. Our first reseller became Maxi Fitness n Pole, a company that comes from Hong Kong. We’re really super proud that we’ve been collaborating with them already for 5 years now.

Another story is about Pole Junkie, one of the biggest pole dance resellers, who has been a reseller for our knee pads from the very beginning. About two years ago, Jazzy K Pole, one of the pole dance influencers, helped us to expand our reseller partnership with this giant British reseller. She came across our pole dance apparel and was so impressed by the products that she instantly promoted them to Pole Junkie. And the rest is history.


And the list of similar stories goes on and on. Now Poledancerka pole dance apparel is available practically all over the world. You can find our resellers in Croatia, Switzerland, Italy, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, France, Greece, Germany, Spain, Singapore, Australia, South Korea, United States, Sweden, Austria, Norway, Canada, the Philippines, Bermuda, Hungary, Bahrain, Taiwan, and even in French Polynesia, a small country in the South Pacific Ocean. And I couldn’t be more proud.


We like to think that all of the above indicators show we must be doing something right. That’s probably why we have established with all of our resellers so many wonderful business relationships. I’m beyond grateful for such trustworthy resellers that respect our brand and our positive values. They’re aware that selling Poledancerka products also means that they’re actively contributing to a better world.


If you want to find out who offers our products in your country, visit our website and check the list of resellers. And I would also like to know, how did you come across Poledancerka? 

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