How can the power of visualization help your pole dancing?

Can you imagine yourself sitting on the beach under a tree with the nice sound of the ocean waves and the feeling of the warm sun caressing your skin?

Great, I believe you managed to see/feel/hear the experience.

Now, can you imagine yourself poledancing in that scene on the beach?

Whoa, whoa, wait… Maybe your mind has jumped in and created confusion: “But that’s impossible, where would I attach the pole?”

Just breathe and relax – and let’s go step by step.


I’m not talking about pole dancing in material 3D version. I’m talking about poledancing in your inner movie.  Like imagining. Visualizing.

You just proved to yourself that you were reading this article, but you still managed to ‘transport’ yourself to the location near the coast. So, as you know – you’ve got this.


Now I just need to tell you a bit about how the visualization process works and how scientists have proven that by practicing your sport through visualization, it can manifest itself in the form of actual progress in your pole dancing skills.

Many scientific studies have already demonstrated the power of visualization in achieving goals in all areas of our lives. Visualization helps you to concentrate deeply on what you want. It is a great relaxation tool and a powerful confidence boost.


Probably we have all practiced visualization in our lives already. When we were younger, we thought about our future and imagined how it would look: in our heads, we created pictures of our dream profession, our dream home, even our dream boyfriend/husband, etc. If we continued to repeat those thoughts for an extended period of time, we would become really focused on achieving those dreams/goals. Soon we begin to realize that we have started taking tangible steps towards the desired goal. Have you ever experienced something similar?



Visualization is a powerful tool for your pole dance shape


You can use the tool of visualization in many areas of your life. This tool can also help you stay in pole dance shape during the long summer days (even without actual training). At this time of the year, we usually take some time off to rest and recharge ourselves.

Even if you aren’t attending any pole dance classes at the moment, don’t worry. You can do the following exercise (to stay in shape / to not forget all the moves from pole dance classes):


When you’re going to be lying on the beach or before falling asleep, take some time to imagine yourself spinning on the pole. Imagine really vividly how you’re spinning on the pole, how your body is strong and toned, how you’re gripping with your arms, how you’re doing all those challenging moves that you were practicing so hard all year … Imagine the whole situation as if it were real. Visualize all the details – from your pole dance outfit to the smell of your sweat. Imagine how you’re feeling in those moments. Imagine every little detail. Be as precise as possible. Don’t limit yourself.


This is a powerful exercise that will help you stay prepared for the next pole dancing season. If you’re going to be persistent, I guarantee you that your physical and mental performance on the pole will be top-notch. But (!) really take some time every single day. No excuses. If pole dance is an important part of your life, that shouldn’t be a problem.


Enjoy your summer!



Now I would like to get some conversation going. Have you ever tried visualization? Does it work for you? Please, share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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