Healthy routines are total game changers in these crazy times

The recent situation with its restrictions really turned our world upside down. We went (and are still going) through very challenging times, since our everyday living habits encountered many obstacles. Even though they are promising us our life will become better soon, we are witnessing many signs that it may not be the case since we have no guarantee promises will be kept. Instead, restrictions may grow tighter.


That’s why I decided to share some tips that can help you stay sane through this challenging period that we’ve been facing for more than a year and a half. Because remember – we are pole dancers and we are known for our strength, perseverance, stamina, ingenuity and optimism…


Healthy habits help you keep focused on what truly matters

Whenever things in my life are challenging, a (healthy) routine plays a massive role in keeping me sane and not losing myself completely. I know that many of you feel you have nothing under control and that your whole world is falling apart. But that’s not true. When we decide to put ourselves first and take good care of our wellbeing, then there’s very little chance that the outer circumstances will throw us off balance.

And in this difficult period, knowing that is extremely important. If we know what matters to us and stick to the habits that help us feel good, then there’s nothing in this world that can shake us.

So, now I encourage you to take a moment and think about the things that are important to you – including everything that helps you feel good, and makes you genuinely happy and calm. Grab a pen and paper and write them down.


Move your body

Speaking from experience, staying active has always been my No. 1 thing in stressful times. Regular exercise also helps the immune system stay strong. After a workout, we instantly feel better and our sleep also improves. We stress less and overall feel much more positive and focused on the things that matter.

So, choose the exercise that suits you best (and that’s obviously pole dance :)). Regular pole dancing will help you become stronger and more flexible, improve your mood and help boost your self-esteem.

Don’t wait for tomorrow – grab your favourite pole dance apparel, put on some music and just make some crazy moves. Spin yourself like nobody’s watching. I guarantee you that you’re going to feel 100 % better.


Stick to your exercise routine. Eat healthy food. Journal. Spend time in nature. Turn off the TV. Do whatever helps you to stay focused and calm. Remember that you’re the one in charge of your overall health and wellbeing. Don’t let the outside world shake up your inner peace. With healthy routines, you’re going to feel good every day no matter what’s going on out there. And that’s a promise.



And now I would like to hear from you: What are the routines that help you stay calm and content in stressful times? Share them in the comments below and spread the good vibe throughout our pole dancing community. 

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