Common Myths about Pole dancing

Even though pole dancing is becoming more and more popular each year, there’s still a whole array of myths out there, circulating around our society. So, for this post, we decided to dig into some of the most common myths about pole dancing and try to debunk them.


#1 You should be strong and in good shape to even start with pole dance

I think that we’ve all heard that one. But this myth is just so far from the truth. In fact, pole dance is an amazing activity for women and men of all sizes. So, if you’re just starting and think that you won’t be able to do it, don’t worry. Step by step, you’ll become stronger and stronger. Your body will start to change and your self-confidence will skyrocket. If you think that you have some kilos to lose, before you even start thinking about pole dancing, I’m going to stop you right now! Join a pole dance studio, and start moving and spinning that amazing body of yours. With every practice, you’re going to get a little bit stronger. Just persist and have patience with yourself.


#2 Pole dance is only for girls

What a myth! There are so many amazing and also extremely successful male pole dancers all around the world. Pole dance requires quite a lot of physical strength and therefore, is the best option for all those guys who are bored doing monotonous fitness workouts. I’m so happy that more and more regular guys decide to take pole dance classes – because pole dance is simply an amazing workout. End of story.


#3 You need a dancing background for pole dance

If you think that you need to be (at least) a professional dancer to be able to join a pole dance class, calm down, ok? Yes, there are some dancing elements included in pole dance classes, but believe me, you can learn them. So don’t stress yourself. Just relax and move that body. Maybe you will find out that there’s a hidden dancing talent inside of you.


#4 I’m not sexy enough to be pole dancing

I’ve heard this myth so many times and I still don’t know where it comes from. I think it has something to do with pole dance apparel. Some girls think that they have to wear sexy lingerie on the pole, but that’s just not the case. Yes, there’s special pole dance apparel that’ll make your pole dance training better. And what’s more, you’re also going to feel better wearing some great pieces of pole dance apparel. So, when you come out with an excuse that you’re not sexy enough to go to a pole dance class, think again. Pole dance is hard work. Moreover, it can also do so much for your self-confidence. You’re going to feel a whole lot more connected to your body. So, put on some trendy shorts and a top, and spin around the pole!


#5 Pole dance = stripper’s club

I really couldn’t pass this one. For so long, pole dancing was associated with strippers with many various prejudices held within society. People were judged and are still being judged – because of doing pole dance. And it’s sad. And it’s wrong. And we have to stop it.

People who practice pole dance can do the most to stop those prejudices. Pole dance is a serious sport. And no one can deny it.

So, next time you come across someone who’s been associating pole dance with stripper clubs, just tell him how much pole dance has changed your life – for the better.




What are the most common myths about pole dance that you’ve come across? Please, share them in the comments below. 

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