Your perfect pole dance outfit

When I think about pole dance, the first couple of things that come to my mind are empowerment, strength, sisterhood, flexibility, power. But I also always think about clothes. Designing clothes for pole dance is my passion.

The right pole dance outfit is vital, there’s no doubt. So this post is for all of you who struggle with the pole dance outfit. I will give you some tips and tricks on what to wear to look good, and even more importantly, to feel good on the pole.


Are leggings suitable for pole dance class?

I get a lot of these questions. If you’re just starting with pole dance, wearing leggings and a top is a good choice. But very soon, you’re going to realize that wearing leggings and a long-sleeved top is not supporting your pole dance practice. In fact, those kinds of clothes can actually disable your progress on the pole. You don’t want to wear clothes that restrict your movement on the pole, right? If you want to do more demanding movements, then you will eventually have to show some more skin (or choose leggings that enable a solid grip). The sooner you’re going to realize that it makes no sense to hide your body parts, the better. Skin is actually your best grip on the pole. In my opinion, trendy shorts and a top is staple pole dance outfit. But we must also not forget proper kneepads – believe me, your knees will be forever grateful.


Why choose clothes designed especially for pole dance?

Specialized pole dance apparel enables you to have a whole range of motion. Those clothes are extra comfortable, breathable and durable, allowing a 4-way stretch. In my opinion, pole dance apparel should fully support all the requirements of this fun, but also quite demanding sports activity.


There are so many specialized pole dance clothing brands on the market nowadays that you shouldn’t have any problems picking the right fit for you. And one of them is also Poledancerka, of course. Poledancerka pole dance apparel was designed especially for pole dance. But our pieces are actually so chic and versatile that you can wear them for a bunch of other sports activities. Our pole dance apparel is made with love in very fair and positive working conditions, which I already wrote about in one of my previous posts.


So if you want to treat yourself (or your friends and family members) to something special this holiday season, hop into our web shop. I’m sure you’ll instantly fall in love. We have also prepared some great offers on pole dance sets, so it’s worth checking it out.



Dear pole dancers, I just want to wish you a magical end of the year. I’m really grateful for all the love and support you have shown Poledancerka so far. I appreciate our growing community so much. Have a magical holiday season. I will see you again in 2022!

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