How to stay motivated with pole dance?

The beginning of the year is the perfect time for a fresh start. That is – for introducing a new healthy habit into our everyday lives and getting rid of a not so healthy ones. Yet we all know from experience that deciding on a new healthy habit is the easy part. Actually sticking to it is the difficult bit, because the old habits are so stubborn! Easy comfort and short-cuts are so magnetic to all of us right? It’s in our nature! Grrr…

But, there is a way we can actually take the stubborn part and use it for overcoming our weakness! I can tell you, girls in the pole dance community are known for that. Woohoo.!


So this post for all of you who decided to start (or be more consistent with) pole dance, but often lack motivation. I will reveal some great tips that will help you stay on track and become unstoppable. Even in the moments when you feel totally unmotivated and would only like to lay on the couch, binge-watch Netflix and indulge in a whole tub of Ben and Jerry’s.

Here we go… 5, 4, 3, 2, 1:


Make a realistic plan

Many New Year’s resolutions fail because we don’t set realistic goals. That’s a fact. If you’ve decided that you’re going to start practising pole dance five times a week, that’s simply not realistic. And I can guarantee you that it’s impossible to stick with it, especially if you were not active for quite some time.

I suggest you start with baby steps. Start with one pole dance session per week and when it becomes a habit, you can slowly add second (or even third) training.

Your progress should be slow, but steady. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.


Partner up 

It’s definitely better if you start pole dancing with your friend. In that way, you will be more accountable and won’t be so easily tempted to skip the pole dance session and just stay home under a warm blanket.

You and your friend can support and motivate each other and go together through more challenging times when you totally lack motivation and want to give up on yourself.


Treat yourself by getting some nice pole dance apparel

It’s definitely easier to start practising pole dance if you buy yourself really nice and comfortable pole dance apparel. Treat yourself with a trendy set and definitely don’t forget about some really good knee pads – your knees will be forever grateful.

It’s so vital that you feel good on the pole. Your pole dance apparel should really fit your needs and give you the maximum comfort possible.

When you feel good on your pole dance training, it’s definitely more likely that you’re going to stick to this habit.


Be your own inspiration

When you want to give up, just remember how good you feel after pole dance training. Your heartbeat is faster, the levels of your feel-good hormones are high and you just feel amazing!

Moreover, after a couple of months, you’re starting to notice some really nice changes, too. Your body gets stronger, leaner and more toned … You just feel much better in your own skin. You have more energy and you feel more and more self-confident.

You just cannot say that it’s not worth it, right?


I also have to say that you should have fun! Life doesn’t have to be too serious. You should approach any healthy habit in a more relaxed way. Even if you fail from time to time, don’t stress too much. Just start again as soon as possible. It’s not the end of the world, ok? We all have good and bad moments. We all lack motivation from time to time. And that’s totally fine. What’s not ok is when that feeling of laziness takes over our life.



How do you motivate yourself? Do you have some magical tips and tricks? I would very much appreciate it if you share them in the comments down below. 

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