Celebrate International Women’s Day with Poledancerka

It’s clear to us all that turbulent times are far from over… and it’s hard to watch all the suffering going on today. But at the same time, it’s also vital that we know that we need to take care of ourselves first before we can then take care of others. That especially goes for women. I’m very well aware that women frequently take care of everyone else and totally neglect themselves. They completely put aside their own needs, desires, pleasures… you name it.

I want to take the opportunity in this post to encourage you to stop for a moment and ask yourself: ‘When was the last time I did something nice for myself? When was the last time I nurtured myself, my body, my soul?’ Despite all the horrors going on in the world at the moment, I encourage you, if you have a chance, to pause and ask yourself what it is that you need at the moment? Maybe it’s a little treat. It might even be a new piece of pole dance apparel for your pole dance class.


When women support women

One thing I really like about pole dance is the group spirit. Pole dancers are such a supportive community. I’ve experienced so much love, joy, support and encouragement at pole dance classes. And I’m pretty sure that you’ve experienced it too.


And as a small (pole dance apparel) business owner, I appreciate every single purchase you make. Because when you support our team, you don’t just get a new piece of pole dance set. No, with your purchase you support our dreams and goals, an important part of which is encouraging the empowerment of women everywhere. You should know that your purchase is so much bigger than you think!


As you might have noticed, the prices of all the goods are going up and materials are more and more expensive. But at Poledancerka we have decided that we won’t increase the prices of our products. We will stick to existing prices as long as we can. Because we know that, especially for women, it’s sometimes so hard to get something nice for ourselves. But the message that we share with our brand is the most important for us.


We want this year’s International Women’s Day to be different. We would love to see you treating yourself to something nice. Please, don’t forget to celebrate your womanhood. Just a hint: Our team decided to treat you to some really great price deals for some of our pole dance apparel and accessories.


And please, don’t forget that it’s a special honour to be a woman. We’ve come so far, even though we still have a long journey ahead, I know that we’re on the right path.



I have a little favour to ask: I want to spread positivity and good vibes around the whole community. I ask you to write a little encouragement note to all the women out there and leave it in the comments down below. Your effort will be much appreciated. 

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