Time to get familiar with some pole dance terms

Pole dance is definitely a unique sports discipline. Some people still don’t consider it as sport, and see it more as an artistic performance, but that’s the beauty of pole dance – it can be both! Pole dance gives you a strong and demanding workout and at the same time enables you to bring out your artistic expression.

Every sports activity has its own terminology and the same goes for pole dancing. If you’re just starting out with this great activity, then you really should get familiar with some pole dance terminology. That’s why I’ve chose fifteen terms and created this mini pole dance glossary.


Crash mat

A crash mat is a special mat made from safety foam that you put on the floor under your pole. It helps to prevent injuries in case you fall from the pole.


Knee pad

Knee pads are indispensable accessories for every pole dancer. They are a must during any floor work as they cushion your knees and protect them from injury.


Leg warmer

Pole dancers wear leg warmers to keep their muscles warm and help prevent muscle injuries.



Heels in pole dance world are like cream on the cake. So a pair of heels are definitely a must-have to add colour and spice up your pole dancing life, especially if you’re into exotic pole dancing.


Pole outfit

It’s important to wear the best outfit for pole dance, because you do want to be comfortable, warm, safe and attractive at the same time. Shorts are the best option since they won’t restrict your movements while dancing. Also leggings are great in the colder parts of the year, so they can enable you to feel comfortable and warm. You just need to add a sports bra, then you are ready for a quality workout that will boost your body and your confidence at the same time.


Pole dancing grip

Pole dancing grip is one of the most useful secrets among pole dancers. It represents the products that can help improve pole dancers’ grip when your hands start slipping during spins and tricks. There are several different grip aid products on the market, so you can find the best that suit your needs.


 Exotic pole dance

Exotic pole dance is a style of pole dance. It includes heels and a lot of floor work. Therefore it is advisable to wear high-quality knee pads to protect the knees. Exotic pole dance will encourage you to awaken more sensual energy. A lot of emphasis in this style is put on flexibility.


Pole sport

Pole sport is also a style of pole dancing that is less artistic as it puts a lot of emphasis on acrobatic figures and tricks.



Since you are turned upside down, this move requires a lot of strength. To do the invert as safely as possible you should do a lot of other moves that will prepare you for the final move.



Cupid is one of the basic pole dance elements. First, you side climb the pole. Your top leg should be bent at the knee around the pole. The lower leg (weaker leg) should be extended with the sole of the foot pressing the pole. You hold on with your upper leg and the foot. Then you lean away from the pole.



Ayesha is not an element for beginners as it requires quite a lot of strength and good body coordination. In this element, you will find yourself in an inverted position. Both hands will be gripping the pole and your legs will be facing the pole open in a V-shape.


Ballerina Spin

The Ballerina Spin can show us how elegant and feminine pole dance is. In this element, one leg is wrapped around the pole and the other is extended. With one hand you grip the pole as high as you can. The other hand is extended in front and slightly upwards.



Climbing is one of the most basic moves in pole dance. It’s actually a way to move up the pole. It’s a good move that helps you build strength so that you’ll be able to hold your body weight on the pole.



These are useful tools for incorporatinginto your training, since they are great for assisting you with resistance-based conditioning and prehab or rehab exercises.


Roller Ball

Roller ball comes handy after your workout to help you loosen tight muscles. As we have said before, pole dance is often a serious sport so experiencing tight muscles can be very common.



Did you find this post helpful? Share it with other pole dancers or everyone who wants to get familiar with pole dance terminology. Is there perhaps another professional word you and your pole dancing friends use a lot these days?

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