Top summer tips for every pole dancer

How are you spending your summer days? Have you been practicing pole dance this summer, or have you preferred other activities during the hot months? Well, here are some super simple tips that will help you stay connected (in one way or another) to pole dance.


  1. Stay in shape

If you take a break from pole dance during summer but still want to stay in shape, I recommend you do at least some strength training from time to time. In your training routine, include exercises that support your core strength and stability in general. Do some planks, pull-ups, push-ups, and dips. And also don’t forget about some exercises for flexibility.


  1. What you eat matters

I know that summer is all about holidays and relaxation. And it’s ok to take it easy and just enjoy summertime. Yes, indulge in some comfort food from time to time, but just make sure that most of your meals are healthy and nutritious. It’s actually very easy to eat healthy during summer as there’s so much fruit and vegetables available. After a light and wholesome meal, you’re going to feel so much better than after junk processed food. And your body will be forever grateful, too.


  1. Ever been to pole camp?

Want to meet new pole dancers, do some pole dance classes, and, most of all, have a lot of fun? Then you should definitely consider going to a pole dance camp. I suggest you look on the web and find the one that suits you best. I’m sure you’re going to have a blast!


  1. If it’s too hot, take it easy

Extremely hot days are definitely not the best idea for pole dance training. When the temperature is high, it’s important to take it easy. Drink enough water (or other non-alcoholic drinks) and rest. Simple.


  1. Get trendy

Who said that pole dance clothes can only be for pole dancing? Our sets are the perfect choice for a pool party, and you can also put them on when you go to the beach. I promise that you’ll get noticed.



If you have another tip, on how to spend the summer as a pole dancer, put it in the comment section down below. I would love to read your ideas.  


Enjoy your summer!

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