Is pole dancing for kids too?

In the last few years, the whole perspective on pole dance has changed dramatically, which is such a great news! A lot of things have happened, but what we’re most proud of is that pole dance has become an internationally recognized official sport.

It’s a serious sports activity that requires a lot of strength, flexibility, endurance, and most of all, dedication. And it’s an amazing exercise for every gender and different ages… It helps you get strong and flexible. And many people also say how learning to pole dance has helped them with their self-esteem and self-confidence.


What about pole dance and kids?

In this post, I want to open a completely different topic – I want to write about pole dance and kids. Since our solutions also include pole dance apparel for kids, we’re getting a lot of questions, about whether pole dance is a suitable form of exercise for kids and when it’s the right time to start.

So, our answer is always: Yes, pole dance is an amazing sport for children, just like any other sports activity, like ballet, gymnastics, dance…


If your little ones want to try it out, just find a pole dance instructor that knows how to work with children. Some instructors say that children can start with some form of pole dancing already at the age of 5. Pole dancing classes for children contain a lot of play, so little ones have a lot of fun!


Children usually face with pole very spontaneously, easily and joyfully. Which means that before you know it, they’ll get enough strength for climbing and descending the pole. That’s why they’ll excel at sports at school when they’ll have to present their pole-climbing skills. (Which very few of us have experienced, right?! :))


In addition, with pole dance classes children become strong and flexible, and will learn how to focus and be persistent. So from the physical point of view, pole dance will improve their lives tremendously. But what is most important: through pole dance, they will also be given the opportunity to build their self-esteem and self-confidence. They will learn how to be comfortable in their bodies and how to accept them completely.

And that’s also so important in life!

Maybe in time, your child will also want to continue and even compete. Or maybe pole dance will always stay just a hobby. Either way it’s all positive.


But remember: Pole dance is a dynamic activity that requires strength, balance, flexibility and focus. Even though it’s quite demanding, pole dance can be easily adapted for children of all ages and strength levels. I guarantee you, that pole dance can be the right activity for your little ones, as it will help them to get strong, but at the same time, they will have a lot of fun in their pole dance classes.   


So, if you think about signing your kid up for pole dance training, give it a go. We’ve also created some pretty amazing pieces of pole dance apparel for the little one, so you should definitely give them a look.



What is your opinion about the topic? Do you plan to sign your kid up for a pole dance class? Please share your thoughts about it in the comment section down below.

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