How pole dancing can empower women and help them discover their true nature

I think the times of pole dancing having a negative image in our society are almost over. We still have some work to do to finally erase this perception, but a lot has been achieved in the last few years. And we at Poledancerka couldn’t be more proud of all of us who contributed to this. It has taken us a long time to change this negative perception of pole dancing and to start creating a completely new paradigm.

Pole dance has become a sports discipline. But that’s not all. At the same time, it has also become a wonderful tool that can help women to create a more positive and accepting relationship with themselves and their bodies.


 Not only a physical activity

It’s a fact that pole dancing will help us become fitter and stronger. Through pole dancing, so many women are becoming aware of their physical strength and their bodies in general. Being physically strong has so many benefits – it helps us to be healthy, to feel better in our bodies, to be more self-confident and less judgemental towards ourselves and others.


Creating sisterhood

When women come together in a safe and accepting environment, magic happens. In a place, where women feel safe, they can put out all their gifts, talents and ways of expression.

And pole dancing supports exactly this: The power of acceptance, community, sisterhood, open communication and a feeling of belonging, without judgement.


Being a woman in a men-dominated world

Yes, we live in a wonderful yet very challenging time, when so many changes are happening. And being a woman can often be very difficult. It’s still not always accepted that women openly show their feminine side. It is still expected of us to behave by the rules: Not showing emotions, not expressing ourselves too openly, etc.

But I think this is already changing and will also be changing in the future. With a help of pole dancing, we can do so much in this field as it helps us to rediscover our feminine part and become aware of our true nature.

Women have their own superpowers. I know that these superpowers were considered weaknesses in the past, but this needs to change. By being aware of our gifts we can do so much for this world. And pole dancing is a tool that can help us awaken all the hidden potentials that are patiently waiting for us to release and express them.


And Poledancerka is happy and proud to help women expose the best side of their figure with our stylish products.



I would like to know if pole dance has changed you in any way? What influence has it had on your life? I will be so happy and grateful if you share your pole dance story/journey.

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